Ben's birthday at home, painting and coloring eggs

Yesterday, we celebrated Benjamin's 3rd birthday here at home. Bill, Jacob, Rebecca and I gave Ben some presents. Rebecca got Benjamin a Thomas the Tank train set and he LOVED it! He has been playing with it a ton! Rebecca mixed up a brownie batter and baked it off, and Jacob decorated it for Benjamin. We had McDonald's for lunch (which Ben wanted). Overall, I think Benjamin had a good day!

Today, we spent some family time getting some things done. This morning, Rebecca and I worked on her American Heritage Girls scrapbook pages that she has to have done before May. She did a really great job. We are not completely finished as I have not gotten the photos printed off that she needs, so I will share pictures when they are complete.

After lunch, the kids set out to paint mini birdhouses that they were making for their Grandpa's 79th birthday tomorrow. Jacob and Rebecca each painted one. While they painted birdhouses, I set Benjamin up with some washable paints and paper and he had a BLAST painting. This was his first experience painting and he loved it.

After we cleaned up from painting, then we set about coloring Easter eggs with the kids. Ben again loved the activity as did Rebecca and Jacob. And I think that this year, we won't waste any eggs as Jacob has decided he likes hardboiled eggs! I think the eggs turned out great.

We have a very busy weekend ahead with lots to do. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with family and friends celebrating Easter if you do.


  1. Have a wonderful Easter! So happy yours like eggs. Mine like to dye eggs and then I eat them all because no one else will....... :)

  2. Fun times!! I miss those activities now that Kazi is grown up. Looks like Benjamin had a great day and I love how his siblings helped out with his "cake"!!


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