Weekend to do list

This past week was LONG...it was only a 4 day workweek but it seemed to drag on...probably because I had so many errands to run and therapy appointments for Benjamin to coordinate and the weather was a mess all week...stormy and rainy every day. Made for a very long week. That also meant that not much got done at home except for the basics....

That leads to a HUGE to do list for this weekend....

This weekend I need to:
  • Pay bills (AEP, Directv, Mastercard, Geico, Time Warner, etc.)
  • Figure out where to get Ben a mattress for his new bed
  • Research Straightalk phones (Bill and I both need  new phones)
  • Balance checkbook
  • Clean out the closet upstairs off the bathroom (this huge walk in closet is a mess!)
  • Figure out spring/summer clothes situation for the kids, especially for the boys
  • Have Rebecca make a design for her First Communion banner and go buy the supplies needed
  • Complete 3 chapters in Rebecca's First Communion workbook
  • Clean both bathrooms
  • Laundry---do about a million loads to catch up ;)
  • Straighten up bedroom
  • Clean out underneath couches and loveseat to find missing toys
  • Date night dinner with Bill
  • Rebecca has softball practice
  • Lesson plans for tutoring job
  • Art lesson plans for school job 
That is all I can think of off the top of my head. I think that is more than enough to keep me busy. What about you? Any plans on  your to-do list for this weekend? 


  1. Wow - good luck getting all of that done! Don't tire yourself out too much - tomorrow is another day!

    1. This WILL be spread out over Saturday and Sunday! And maybe Monday ;)

  2. That is a lot to get done in a short amount of time. May the cleaning fairies smile down upon you. ;p

    1. Thanks. Hopefully the cleaning fairies will stay all weekend!

  3. Lots to do, good luck! This weekend we're celebrating my daughters 12th birthday! So it's laid back & fun!! :)

    1. You deserve a fun laid back weekend. This is the result of just life being busy. Hopefully I can complete everything and then work to maintain. Hope Maria has a happy birthday!


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