So how did I do on my weekend to do list?

Yesterday, I posted my HUGE weekend to do list that I hoped to accomplish..... so now the question is how did I do???

Well here is the original list with those items completed marked off....
  • Pay bills (AEP, Directv, Mastercard, Geico, Time Warner, etc.)
  • Figure out where to get Ben a mattress for his new bed
  • Research Straightalk phones (Bill and I both need  new phones)-- DECIDED NOT TO DO THIS UNTIL BILL CAN COME WITH ME TO LOOK AT PHONES
  • Balance checkbook
  • Clean out the closet upstairs off the bathroom (this huge walk in closet is a mess!)
  • Figure out spring/summer clothes situation for the kids, especially for the boys
  • Have Rebecca make a design for her First Communion banner and go buy the supplies needed
  • Complete 3 chapters in Rebecca's First Communion workbook-- WE COMPLETED 2
  • Clean both bathrooms
  • Laundry---do about a million loads to catch up ;) (I ended up doing 10 loads)
  • Straighten up bedroom
  • Clean out underneath couches and loveseat to find missing toys
  • Date night dinner with Bill
  • Rebecca has softball practice
  • Lesson plans for tutoring job
  • Art lesson plans for school job 
I also ended up cleaning the dishwasher out, bathing all three kiddos, got Benjamin's big boy bed all put together, cleaned out the boy's dressers, and swept the boys' bedroom. So I am feeling pretty good about this weekend. I am exhausted but feeling good about what I got accomplished.

The job that was the biggest was to clean out the closet upstairs off the bathroom. It was an absolute mess! Here is proof: 

It was absolutely horrible!!!!! So I began to sort, sort, sort and sort some more. This closet holds toiletries for the bathroom, it is Rebecca's closet to hang her dresses as her bedroom does not have a closet, we store winter stuff in here, air conditioners, and fans, as well as extra clothes for the kids that they need to grow into, etc. It has a lot of uses, but becomes messy very quickly. 

I was able to get it all cleaned in around 3 hours. I sorted through all the kids' clothes and bagged up what is too small for them to wear and stored those clothes that will fit them next winter. I was able to figure out what the needs are for summer/spring for the kids' clothes (thankfully not as much needed as I originally thought). 

The final product: 

Everything is all nice and neat. In the picture, you can see the 4 boxes and 7 trash bags of clothes, etc. that I collected that will be heading off to Goodwill. I am so happy that this project is done. Now to keep it this way. 

So, I am pleased with how I did. I feel better about our home and hopefully, can keep up with my to dos as next weekend I have LOTS of plans that do not have to do with home cleaning. 

How was your weekend? 


  1. Hey! A closet with a window! Looks like it could almost be a small bedroom. Great job cleaning and sorting! Starting is the hardest part.

    1. I believe that the closet and the bathroom were once one bedroom that previous owners sectioned off to make a bathroom upstairs. It is a weird setup.

  2. Did you want to join the Blogging federation over at my blog? I'll add your name to the list. You just have to promise to link back to the members and visit them.


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