Super HUGE truck coming through

One of the things that I like about where we live is that we live on one of the main roads in our town. (Believe me there are a lot of things I don't like about our house that we rent, but today we are focusing on the positives). There is no shortage of cars, trucks, ambulances, etc. that go down our road day in and day out. Benjamin loves standing at our front door or at the front window looking out at the different cars and trucks. Today he saw a special HUGE truck go by our house....

Getting ready to come near our house. It has a police escort.

Siemens Energy Inc. has a turbine plant here in our town. They have a contract to supply 3 HUGE generators to an oil field off the coast of Congo. In January, the first of these generators was moved through town, as they are driven across the state until they get to the Ohio River. 

Getting closer.

Today, the second load was shipped through and traveled right in front of our house. These things are HUGE. It is 330 feet long, 15 feet 6 inches tall, 20 feet 4 inches wide and weighs around 959,000 pounds. The convoy drives about 2-5 miles per hour. 

So tall, that a worker has to go ahead to hold up power lines that are too low for it to pass under.

Benjamin loved watching it come down the street and pass along in front of our house. I took him outside to watch as it is warmer out today than it has been since last fall. He had fun waving at the drivers and the police escorts.
There is goes, past our house....

 Have you ever had anything like this pass by your house?



  1. Very cool! Where we are we are way off the road so we see NO traffic at all. I remember though when Kazi was small she was fascinated with construction machinery like front end loaders. She doesn't believe me now as she's such a girly girl!


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