Saturday- Ben's and his grandpa's birthday and Easter with the in-laws

Saturday evening we made the trek to Columbus to visit with Bill's sister, her family, and my in-laws. Since my mother-in-law's accident, she is not able to travel so we are trying to make an effort to go see her. My sister-in-law graciously decided to host a celebration for Benjamin's birthday, my father-in-law's birthday (which was Saturday) and Easter all in one. 

So Saturday night we headed out to visit. My sister-in-law and niece (who is 16) planned an Easter egg hunt for our kiddos. They had a blast finding the almost 70 eggs that were hidden around my SIL's yard. My niece and father-in-law helped Rebecca and Jacob, and Bill helped Benjamin who was surprisingly very good at finding the eggs and putting them in his bucket. He loved looking for eggs! 

After the egg hunt, we sat down to enjoy a lovely, yummy dinner of homemade lasagna, salad, fruit salad and bread. It was very good. (And my SIL made extra, so we got to bring home a pan! Thanks Lisa!)

After dinner, we celebrated the birthday boys. My in-laws had ordered a train cake for Benjamin and Dale for their b-days. We sang Happy birthday and Ben and his Pepaw blew out the candles. 

After cake came presents. Benjamin got a lot of Thomas the Tank toys which he LOVED. My in-laws even got Rebecca and Jacob a gift---Jacob got a bubble blower and Rebecca got a Twister hopscotch game. 

After Benjamin opened his gifts, my father-in-law opened his. The kids made him birdhouses and a painting which he loved. 

It is always weird for me to go to my in-laws house, as I have never felt like I have belonged in that family due to a number of reasons. Bill has said that he doesn't feel like he belongs either. But they are family and so we make the effort. Thankfully the kids had fun and to Bill and I that is what matters.


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