17 sea gulls and walking on the beach at night

I am recapping our family summer vacation to Indian Beach, NC. To read more of our adventure, here are the days I have recapped so far: 
DAY 1: We went to Indian Beach
DAY 2: Ghost crabs and beach and pool time  
DAY 3: Fort Macon, Yummy food and date night
DAY 4: HOT weather and great ice cream
DAY 5, Part 1: Went to Raleigh to meet a friend from Australia

Yesterday, I told you about how we went to Raleigh to meet up with Coralie, my friend from Australia. 

Well our adventure on that Wednesday didn't end then. We thought that we would probably eat dinner on the way home from Raleigh. However, the kids slept most of the way back, so we ended up stopping at Circle Pizza to get pizza to take back to the condo. We called almost 40 minutes out so that it would be ready when we got there. When we got there, it wasn't ready. Eventually it was ready and they only charged us for 1 pizza. Their service left a TON to be desired that night, so we didn't even let them know they had undercharged us. 

While we were relaxing after we got home and after dinner, we noticed that a sea gull had dropped something on top of one of the trailers in the trailer park next to our complex. In a matter of minutes, there were upwards of 17 sea gulls all trying to get whatever the first sea gull had dropped! The kids thought it was hilarious. Eventually, the owners of the trailer came out and tried to get the gulls to fly away by spraying water at them.

Later, we decided to head down to the beach for a walk since we hadn't been able to be down there that day. It was a lovely night for a walk! The scenery was gorgeous! 

Overall, it was the end to a very memorable and wonderful day! 


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