I overdid it...

I have been really good this week. Only doing a few things and resting a lot! Well, I have also been going stir crazy. If you know me, you know that I have to be doing something. With my current health situation that is not the best thing to be doing.
Well yesterday I made a bad decision and I am regretting it today. 

A few months ago, I signed the kids and I up to do a 1 mile walk for our local board of DD. The money was going to go to benefit a local police department's canine unit (the only unit in our county). I also signed Bill up for the 5K. Well, it was yesterday. 

I tried to be good. I rested, sat, laid down as much as possible during the day. And I decided that since the bleeding had stopped and I was feeling alright that I wasn't going to let this fibroid stop me from doing this walk and doing something with the kids. 

Well, I did it and I overdid it. I was overheated at the walk. But I did sit as much as possible before and after. The kids had fun and that is what I wanted to happen.

But apparently I really overdid it, as this morning I woke up with bad pains in my abdomen and back and I am bleeding again. Great....

I know I overdid it and it is my own fault. I have already beat myself up for it. I have had several people remind me that it wasn't my smartest move. So if you need me today, you will find me laying down with my feet up as much as possible. 


  1. Rest, you can never do for others if your not at your best. Get on the phone and complain to your doctor or insurance company. Did they say how long till they ok tests. Cheryl

    1. I have another appointment on Wednesday and then tentatively surgery is scheduled for Aug 23.

  2. Sop you are taking a page out of my book? I over did last week also and I have paid the price this weekend. Blah! Hope you feel better.

    1. I guess I did take a page out of your book! LOL Still not feeling good today; probably won't until I have my hysterectomy. Sigh. Hope you are feeling better.


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