Fort Macon, Yummy Food, and Date night

I am recapping our family summer vacation to Indian Beach, NC. To read more of our adventure, here are the days I have recapped so far: 
DAY 1: We went to Indian Beach
DAY 2: Ghost crabs and beach and pool time  


Tuesday, July 12, we were all feeling refreshed from not going anywhere the day before so we decided to head out to explore Fort Macon State Park. We had been there on previous visits to the coast, but each year it seems like they have added new exhibits and/or other features. 

Tuesday it was HOT so we decided to head out in the morning to explore. We got there around 11, which was perfect as there were some summer camp groups that were just leaving as we were arriving so we didn't have to deal with them. It wasn't too crowded at all.

After we left the fort, we decided to go across the parking lot to the beach access to the point as I have NEVER been there and I heard it was beautiful. The sand was SUPER HOT but the views were fantastic. 

Ben even found a pine cone on the beach. Probably dropped by a wiley bird. There was no swimming off this beach as the rip currents were known to be awful here, but we saw plenty of fishermen. 

After leaving the beach and Fort Macon, we headed into Beaufort to have lunch at one of our favorite stops on the trip...Clawson's Restaurant

It felt good to be in air conditioning! The food was fantastic. I had their special of the day which was mahi tacos! OH MY! They were delicious and you could tell the fish was fresh! So good!

After lunch, we headed back to the condo to spend some time on the beach. The weather was wonderful and the water felt great! When we returned to the condo, the kids relaxed and Rebecca colored as she is our little artist. 

As I mentioned, my sister came with us on this trip as a sort of late graduation gift (2 years late) and so she could watch the kids a couple times so that Bill and I could have a date night, or 2. We took advantage of that night and decided to head out to have dinner. 

We were originally going to go to one restaurant, but they were closed for dinner. Then we were going to go to another place but their weight was 1.5 hours long. We ended up trying "The Trading Post" restaurant which is new to the island and had only been open a little over a month. 

We were originally told that the wait would be 45 minutes for a table for 2, so we decided to try a different restaurant. Literally as we are walking out the door, the hostess comes running after us and said wait, I can seat you now! LOL

The food was yummy. I had a chicken salad and Bill had a burger with macaroni and cheese. After dinner we decided to do something else I had never done before and we walked along the Bogue Inlet Pier. 

I had seen online that you could see sharks around dusk at the end of the pier and really wanted to see if that was true. Sure enough, we saw about 6-8 different sharks. It was eerie but oh so cool as well! There were a ton of people fishing, and the guy fishing next to where we were standing actually caught a baby shark. He threw it back into the water as you can't keep sharks. We also saw a man catch a huge crab. It was a very fun night and I am so glad I got to spend it with Bill. 

When we got back, the kids were in bed and we played Rummy again. I won again! And then it was time for sweet dreams, dreaming of the sharks that we saw and the fun we had had that day.


  1. It does look like it was a wonderful trip. I do hope that you are better soon. Good vibes/prayers sent your way.


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