HOT weather and great ice cream!

I am recapping our family summer vacation to Indian Beach, NC. To read more of our adventure, here are the days I have recapped so far: 
DAY 1: We went to Indian Beach
DAY 2: Ghost crabs and beach and pool time  
DAY 3: Fort Macon, Yummy food and date night


Wednesday, July 13, we decided to stick close to the condo for most of the day as the heat index was supposed to be above 115 degrees! 

We spent much of the morning on the beach and the kids had a blast again! 

Rebecca tried building a sand castle, based on instructions in one of the magazines that I had brought with me. The boys loved playing in the water. 

My sister and I lounged in chairs (that we had found in a closet in our condo) and watched the craziness that is my kids.

That afternoon, the kids and Bill just hung around the condo and relaxed. I made eggs and peppers for lunch. I had to get a picture of this fish shell holder that was on the kitchen table. This fish freaked my sister out and I thought it was the funniest thing. I thought the fish was kind of cute.

Another reason Bill and the kids stayed in during the afternoon, was that the heat index hit 116! It was hot! And yet my sister and I decided to head out to do some shopping and we picked up a lasagna for dinner.

Later in the evening, we decided to take the kids out to the fishing pier to see if they could see sharks. We got there a bit earlier than dusk, so we walked to the end and then decided to walk up the street to an ice cream shop that I had heard rave reviews about.

As we were walking back, one of the military bases in the area was running some tests or something with there jets flying real low over the beach and they were LOUD! We had at least 3 circling over. 

We went to the Sweet Spot ice cream shop and I am so glad we did. The ice cream was delicious and their service was great! They even asked everyone if they had put enough ice cream on their cones before they gave them to us. I had key lime pie ice cream and OH MY WORD it was delicious! While we were eating, there were servers coming around with cups of water and asking if we needed anything. The owner also came out and was striking up 
conversations with us. 

After our delicious ice cream we headed back to the pier in the heat and I got to watch the kids' expressions as they saw sharks in the water. They LOVED watching the sharks. We saw several large ones. 

After, we headed back to the condo to play cards and to relax after the kids went to bed, as we were going to be heading inland 2 hours on the next day of our vacation!


  1. You have convinced me that I need a vacation. And you may need to go back.
    I hope that you are feeling better. Still thinking about you.

    1. You do need a vacation and I need to go back! :) I am doing somewhat better, just waiting on insurance to okay surgery date.


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