Thanks and an update to my to-do list

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the kind words on my last post about my surgery date. I am freaking out, but I know that in the long run this is best for the well being of my life. I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers more than any of you know! 

Speaking of surgery, the other day I made a to-do list of things I wanted to get done before my surgery date. So let's see how I am doing on my list and what I still need to work on: 
  • Take the kids to get a new outfit and tennis shoes for school
  • Clean/straighten up our bedroom
  • All trash out to curb
  • Straighten boys' room
  • Go to library to get books for recovery time
  • Clean out the corner of the living room where I will be spending much of my time recovering
  • sweep living room, including under tv stand
  • dust living room
  • doctor appointment
  • mark school supplies
  • menu plan for this week and next week
  • write and schedule book review blog posts
  • pack bag for hospital
  • mop kitchen, dining room and bathroom floors
  • pay ALL bills for the rest of the month
  • Invoice and mail bills for 2 tutoring clients that still owe
  • text Dad to see if he can take Rebecca next Sunday to a show
  • Fill out paperwork for school
  • School open houses for kids
  • Kids back to school
  • Chore chart for kids for back to school 
So I am not doing too bad on my list. Really the 2 biggest things I want to get done that are still remaining is the dusting and sweeping of living room (since that is where I will be spending the majority of my time when I am home) and having my hubby mopping the floors. I haven't had a lot of energy this week, and my bleeding started again in earnest so I have been resting a lot! 

Today I haven't felt too bad. I did have a panic attack last night when I thought about next week, but I know that is normal. I took the kids to school today and then made a run to Kroger to get milk, yogurt and junk food to get through this weekend and for hubby for next week. Then I came home and laid down to rest. I find that I can be on my feet for a little bit and then if I sit and/or lay to rest then it is better for my body. 

I am hoping to get the rest of the cleaning done this weekend as I think I will be too busy stressing on Monday-- LOL. Actually I have a pre-op appointment at the hospital Monday and I am taking Monday to just try to relax

Well, I need to go feed the kiddos (it's pizza and movie night!)...Hope everyone has a lovely Friday night!    


  1. The only person who is going to care about the dust is you. Give each kid a rag, one dollar and have them do the best they can. All that bending and sweeping is not good. Your body is telling you to stop so do it. You don't want a longer recovery and then your house will be really dusty. Your dd seems like she will be a big help, let her. Prayers for you to be calm and the surgery go well. Cheryl

  2. Don't go into surgery exhausted. Take it easy beforehand.

  3. I'm with Linda kick back. That said, I went on a cleaning spree before I had surgery so I know what's going on in your head. Take care of yourself.


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