My hysterectomy story: the first week

I am chronically my recovery from my TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy with tubes also taken) that I had on Tuesday August 23rd. To read about the day of surgery, you can go here


Tuesday night, I did end up getting hooked up to oxygen as my oxygen levels kept dropping when I would go to sleep. It was a reaction to the anesthesia and pain meds. Wednesday morning, I was awaken very early by the nurses to get vitals, take the oxygen off and to take my catheter out. The goal for that day was to get me to go to the bathroom and walk to and from the bathroom by myself and to control my pain. 

Couldn't sleep

Wednesday morning, I ordered breakfast of an omelet, blueberry muffin, bacon and fruit. I was told that if I ate then I would feel better. Well it took me almost 2 hours to eat my breakfast. Then I only ate about half of it. I will say that the food as the hospital was restaurant quality and not like your typical hospital food. 


Dr. Prior came in to see me and check my incision. He again told me that my uterus was a mess and that he had to do a lot internally. But my incision looked good and as long as I kept progressing he would have me released on Thursday. 

That morning, Bill took the kids to school and then came back to the hospital to be with me. Shortly after he arrived, a coworker of his arrived with his wife and they stayed for what seemed like forever. They finally left and I was exhausted. I don't remember much of our conversations with them. 

I was able to get up after they left and went to the bathroom which was a relief. 

Then it was time to order lunch. I ordered a cheeseburger, with strawberry shortcake and a salad. I was able to eat about half the cheeseburger and the shortcake. I really still did not have an appetite and it really hurt to move even with the pain pump. 

My mom came to see me and brought me a singing bear and a bag of stuff to adult coloring book, colored pencils, a puzzle book, and 2 candy bars. We chatted off and on for a bit. Bill left to get the kids and then he brought them back to see me. While they were there a really good friend stopped by to see me with her daughter as they were headed to her other daughter's volleyball game. They brought me a little thing of flowers. This friend is facing an upcoming TAH so I told her I would give her pointers. LOL. After they left, Bill convinced me to get the turkey for dinner as I really, really wanted mashed potatoes. It was the first time in a few days that I really wanted something to eat. 


After everyone left, I tried to eat dinner, but I just couldn't eat very much. I was able to go to the bathroom and it really hurt to get up and move. I was also beginning to experience really bad gas pains and cramping as I had been unable to pass gas since my surgery. This is a common problem as I was told. 
Later that afternoon, I was finally able to pass gas and was able to watch a movie ("Cast Away" with Tom Hanks). I didn't sleep very well that night as I just wanted to be home and I was frustrated with the pain level.

Thursday morning, the nurses got me up and I used the restroom and then sat in a chair for the first time since before my surgery. It felt good to be up. Dr. Prior came in and was glad to see me sitting in a chair. He okayed for me to be released that day. Bill came to visit after he took the kids to school.
I ordered another omelet for breakfast and I practically inhaled it. I was starving. It was so good. 

breakfast-- this was the first meal that was really, really good!

We waited around that morning for them to get me discharged, they had to take out my pain pump, and get my instructions, etc. They finally got everything done just as I was finishing up lunch. I was released around 1pm. 

feeling better, sitting up, ready to go home!

Once home, I was exhausted so I laid on the couch. My mom promised to bring Benjamin home around 5. Bill went and got the other 2 from school and they were so excited to have me home. My mom came and brought me zucchini bread. She stayed with me, while Bill took Rebecca to her softball game.  I don't remember much of Thursday night other than I was in pain and I just wanted to sleep. I tried sleeping in my bed that night. That was a mistake as it hurt like h*** to get up and out of bed to go to the bathroom. Bill tried to help me get up but it hurt so much. 

On Friday, I decided that the most comfortable place for me was in the recliner and I was able to sleep in it with relatively little pain. Friday I remember sleeping a lot during the day and taking long naps. I was also dismayed to see that I had come out of the hospital with "swelly belly" and I had gained 10 lbs because I was so swollen. The only clothes I can fit in are pajama bottoms and maxi skirts. Since I can't go anywhere I have been living in pj bottoms and tank tops. I also remember that I was in a lot of pain that day...still taking all my pain meds. It was a bad day. 

On Saturday, Bill had to work in the morning so I took a shower and then told the kids they could watch cartoons. I woke up an hour later and Rebecca said " Mommy, you fell asleep, but I watched the boys". Right after Bill came home, he had to take Rebecca to her softball game so a friend came over to make the boys lunch. The rest of the day was spent resting and relaxing and dealing with gas pains and constipation.  A family friend sent over pizza that night for dinner.

On Sunday, Bill's coworker and his wife stopped by unexpectedly and brought over a frozen lasagna and bread for dinner. They also made balloon animals for the kids. After they left, I took a shower and then sent Bill out to get some Milk of Magnesia to see if that would help with my constipation. While he was gone, my parents stopped by to see how I was doing. My pain was getting somewhat better. I was able to stop one of the pain meds and was able to go down to 1 pill of the other one. I was still very fatigued though and frustrated. Finally around 11pm that night, I was able to have a very small, painful bowel movement. It hurt like heck, but it felt good to be able to go as it offered a little relief.

Monday, seemed to be a better day. I was able to shower before the kids got up. Bill had to head back to work, so my mom came and took the older 2 to school for me. I was able to sit at the computer to write out a blog post. My pain was manageable.I had lots of energy and it didn't hurt as much to get up and down. I felt pretty good all day long. A friend brought over stuffed shells, salad, rolls and cookies for dinner! It was very yummy! After dinner, Bill had to head out to work so I was in charge of making sure the kids did their chores and got them to bed. I also straightened up the kitchen-- which was rinsing the dishes off and putting them in the dishwasher. I could feel my incision area starting to hurt when I was all done so I laid down in the recliner for the rest of the night until I had to let Bill in the house because he forgot his keys. 

Last night, I tried sleeping in my own bed. It wasn't too bad, as long as I had pillows under my knees. I kept waking up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom. This morning, I woke up exhausted. I was in a little bit of pain, but mostly exhausted. After I got the kids off to school (or rather, after my mom left with the kids to take them to school for me) I went back to bed and slept off and on for a few hours. This afternoon, I slept for about an hour and a half in the recliner. 

So one week out from surgery, my pain seems to be under control. I only took 1 prescription ibuprofen this morning and it seems to be helping to keep the pain of my incision at bay. My biggest issue today is the ITCHING in my stomach area. It seems like it is internal itching, which would mean that my insides are healing, but it is so annoying as scratching my numb stomach isn't helping at all. But I guess, I will take that instead of being in intense pain! 

So, I think I am on the road to recovery. This past week was a lot harder than I thought it would be. According to my papers from my doctor, week 1, I wasn't supposed to do anything except what I did at the hospital. Here in week 2, I can start adding back in light cooking and maybe riding in the car for a short distance. I can't really do anything else until I go see my doctor for my 2 week follow up, which is the Wednesday of next week....    


  1. Hope the recovery will take off by leaps and bounds now.

    1. I hope so although yesterday was a bad day :( seems to be a roller coaster ride.

  2. Hey, that hospital food looks great! So glad you're doing better with every passing day. :-)

    1. A few years ago our hospital contracted with a private catering company to do "room service" and their menu is definitely not your typical hospital food.

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    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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