Went to Raleigh to meet a friend from Australia!

I am recapping our family summer vacation to Indian Beach, NC. To read more of our adventure, here are the days I have recapped so far: 
DAY 1: We went to Indian Beach
DAY 2: Ghost crabs and beach and pool time  
DAY 3: Fort Macon, Yummy food and date night
DAY 4: HOT weather and great ice cream


Thursday, July 14, was a day to remember for the rest of my life. On this day, we piled into our van and headed inland from Indian Beach for 2 hours to the city of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Why did we do this? 

Well, we did this because we had the opportunity to meet up with an online friend of mine that I have "known" for over 6 years. My friend Coralie was taking the trip of a lifetime to the United States from Busselton, Australia! She was going to be in Raleigh for less than 48 hours so we made it a point to head out to meet up with her. 

We met up with her (and a new friend Joanne from Illinois) at The Daily Planet Cafe at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. We met up for lunch. I enjoyed a "Carolina Cuban" sandwich and fruit for lunch. It was quite yummy, although Coralie said she didn't understand how Americans could eat fruit with their meals. 

After lunch, we headed in to explore the museum. It was a really enjoyable museum with lots of interactive exhibits and it really told a lot about the state of North Carolina. There was something for everyone in the 4 floors which expanded across 2 buildings! Best of all, there was NO ADMISSION FEE! Seriously, something like this museum, if it were in Columbus, would probably charge close to $15-$20 per person to visit. I would highly recommend if you are ever in Raleigh, to check it out! We spent several hours there exploring and just enjoying being together. 

It was a very short visit, but also a once in a lifetime visit!

We left the museum to enjoy the ride home! Along the way we saw many beautiful trees that were blossoming with bright pink flowers. They were gorgeous, even if I have no idea what they were. If anyone knows, let me know! 

Overall, it was a memorable trip to Raleigh that we will remember for years to come! 


  1. Hi! Just happened upon your blog. I'm from the Raleigh area - isn't the museum the greatest? So glad you got to meet your friend and enjoy it! Oh, and those trees are crepe myrtles. They are beautiful!

    1. Welcome to my blog! That museum is definitely a treasure. We have said that in the future we would like to take a couple days to explore more of Raleigh! Thank you for letting me know what those trees are. They are gorgeous!


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