Busy week ahead...prepping for surgery....

More pretty flowers from my sweet neighbor.

Well I have a busy week this week...back to school is this week. Oh and did I mention that there is a good possibility my hysterectomy is going to be next week! I will know more on Wednesday when I see my OB/GYN again...however, it seems pretty likely that my surgery will be next week. 

To say that I am freaking out is an understatement. I am still in pain from this weekend and am still bleeding. I have things to do but I also must listen to my body and rest as much as possible. 

My husband is freaking out as well. He has no idea how he will do everything that needs to be done. He is entering his crazy busy time at work and his work just doesn't care about what is going on here at home. I have told him not to worry, but he is very overwhelmed. 

I am trying to get as much done as I can before I go in for surgery so that he doesn't worry as much. But it is going to be hard. 

That being said, I made out a list last night of what I want to get done by next week. Some of these are must dos, and others are if I feel like it they can get done. 

I am hoping to work my way through this list this week with the help of my kids and husband but we shall see.

This is what I would like to get done this week:

  • Take the kids to get a new outfit and tennis shoes for school
  • Clean/straighten up our bedroom
  • All trash out to curb
  • Straighten boys' room
  • Go to library to get books for recovery time
  • Clean out the corner of the living room where I will be spending much of my time recovering
  • sweep living room, including under tv stand
  • dust living room
  • doctor appointment
  • mark school supplies
  • menu plan for this week and next week
  • write and schedule book review blog posts
  • pack bag for hospital
  • mop kitchen, dining room and bathroom floors
  • pay ALL bills for the rest of the month
  • Invoice and mail bills for 2 tutoring clients that still owe
  • text Dad to see if he can take Rebecca next Sunday to a show
  • Fill out paperwork for school
  • School open houses for kids
  • Kids back to school
  • Chore chart for kids for back to school
I think I should be able to get most of these things done if I set my mind to it, but ultimately it will depend on how I feel. 


  1. If you are up to it, able to, I suggest preparing some freezer meals and/or stocking up on easy to prep meals like sloppy joes. A fzn tray of lasagna and a bag of salad is easy enough to get on the table. Be well, so sorry you have to go through this.

    1. Great minds think alike. I had Bill pick up a lasagna and easy meal items when he went to the grocery store the other day. We now have stuff for sloppy joes, hot dogs, chicken patties, lasagna and stuff for hamburger helper type meals in the freezer. Easy for DH to make!

    2. Great! one less worry. DOn't fuss, just get something easy on the table it is! Keep it simple. If you belong to a church, do they have a meal chain as our does? People sign up to bring dinner-very nice. If someone asks if they can help, take them up on passing a vacuum, washing down the bathroom, running a load of wash. I assume this will be abdominal surgery. i've had 3 c/s and open gall bladder surgery so I am very familiar with the recovery. Pace yourself, solicit the kids. They are getting a bit older and certainly can grab clothes out of the dryer and fold them. : )

  2. Thinking of you Rachel! And, I'm glad that you wrote that list because, if you are anything like me, it will help you feel more of a sense of control over at least SOME of the things happening right now. Please keep up posted on the doctor appointment!

  3. As old as your children are, they can be directed to do many things as you recuperate. I had a total hysterectomy plus a liver biopsy while he was in there. You don't need to be jumping up and down or carrying anything heavier than a half-gallon of milk. Kids can do stuff. I could not lift with one arm when mine were 5, 7 and 9 months. The baby learned how to stand in her bed, hug my neck and let me lift her with one arm. Older kids carried laundry to washing machine after I sorted it. I put the clothes in the dryer and son put it all in a basket and brought it to me. I did have to give specific directions and step by step, but we all survived. My ex was no help. But, yours should not stress over it at all. Some of the meals you have require so little. I was driving two days after getting out of surgery. I just took it slow and easy. Do the exercise I suggested to strengthen pelvic floor to prevent loss of muscle tone in the muscular pelvic floor so you will not develop incontinence. If you are somewhat incontinent, do the exercise. Your husband can help....or not...lol.


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