Ben's birthday recap

Sunday was Benjamin's 5th birthday. After church, we let Benjamin pick out where he wanted to eat lunch and he decided on McDonalds. He loves "Donalds" and he specifically wanted to go to the one with the playground. He was excited because a child who was in his preschool last year was there.

After lunch we came home for his "party". I say party because most of the people we invited did not come for one reason or another. In fact the only ones who came were my mom, my dad, my younger brother and my sister who was home from college.

Ben requested a Star Wars cake and theme and that is what he got.

He had fun with the Star Wars masks and party hats.

I ordered a frosting sheet off ebay with the original trilogy characters to add to my homemade cake and added some extra sprinkles. It turned out really cute! (I typically hand draw all the cakes, however I am horrible and drawing Star Wars characters so wanted to do this). Ben loved the cake!

After cake and ice cream, Ben got to open his presents. He got some new clothes for summer. A nerf gun, a batmobile and batman figure. He also got some Star Wars figures and books.

For dinner, Benjamin requested hot dogs, chips and grapes. Easy peasy!

Overall, I think Benjamin had a wonderful day!


  1. I love seeing the Happy Birthday pictures!

    1. Thanks! He had a fun day and then today got to take cupcakes to school so he was excited!


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