Rastin Observation Tower

Yesterday afternoon I felt like I needed to get out and do something. I didn't want to walk around the neighborhood. So, I decided to take Rebecca and spend some Mommy/Daughter time by going over to Ariel-Foundation Park and climbing the Rastin Tower. (Bill stayed home with the boys.)

The Rastin Tower has an observation deck halfway up, where you can see for miles around. There are 224 stairs up to the observation deck. Let me tell you, those steps are a killer--that or I am just that out of shape! LOL

Rebecca had little problem going up. Me, I was huffing and puffing but got up to the top.

As we were coming back down, there was a dad and a little boy around age 5 or 6 climbing and the boy was practicing his counting on the stairs.

After we came back down, we explored the labyrinth and saw a couple frogs in the surrounding pond. It was a delightful way to get in some exercise and spend some quality time with Rebecca.


  1. What a nice mom-daughter time. I hear you in those steps.

    1. They were a bear! But I did them and actually don't feel too bad today.

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  3. I think I might have to take those steps about 30 at a time then stop and pretend I was admiring the view for a few seconds before hitting the next 30.

    1. Yeah that is about what I did. I did the first 3 flights them stopped on the landing for a few seconds then continued. I have a friend who runs the steps at least 2 times a week.


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