Getting things done today

Yesterday I mentioned that I had a to do list a mile long this weekend and I wanted to get a lot done so that maybe it would help with my stress level. Well, I am happy to say that I have gotten a TON done today- both by myself and with my hubby's help.

I wonder if Hubby helped me as much as he did because he got me with an April Fool's prank. I was making the cake for Ben's birthday and went to get the water I needed for the recipe. When I turned on the faucet, the water sprayed out of the sprayer and not the faucet, soaking my shirt. My dear husband had placed a rubber band around the sprayer as a joke. He really got me! So I chased him with the spray bottle we use to keep the cats off the table and got him soaked! Payback!

I have:
  • deep cleaned the upstairs bathroom
  • straightened up our bedroom and made our bed
  • had the kids clean their rooms (while not perfect, they look so much better and these will get decluttered this month as I think their rooms are going to be my project this month)
  • did 3 loads of laundry (only have one more to go and it will be all done!)
  • wiped down the walls going up the stairs
  • Hubby dusted and straighten the living room
  • Hubby deep cleaned the dining room table and chairs
  • He also cleaned the outside of the curio cabinet
  • I finished the mudroom today (swept it and mopped it)

  • I wiped down the outside of the cabinets and appliances in the kitchen (also straightened up the magnets on the refrigerator)
  • I cleaned the countertops, the flour and sugar containers (as I had used what was left in them to make Ben's cake), and the inside and outside of the microwave
  • I swept and mopped the kitchen
  • deep cleaned the downstairs bathroom, including sweeping and mopping
  • made and decorated Ben's birthday cake for tomorrow

  • made frozen pizza, breadsticks and cut up strawberries for the kiddos dinner (will make wings for hubby later when he gets home from work)
  • cleaned out leftovers in the fridge and straightened the fridge.
The only thing I still need to do tonight is mop the dining room and the living room. I also need to fold the last loads of clothes and put them away.

So, I am pleased with what I got accomplished today! The house looks and feels so much better and I feel better it.

Hope everyone has had a great Saturday!


  1. Wow! You did a lot. At least you had some help so it did not all fall on you.

    1. Yes I was very thankful that Bill helped out!

  2. GO RACHEL! That is a LOT to accomplish in a week nevermind ONE DAY! I hope you feel more relaxed/less stressed after all you were able to do. (By the way, I know you said you were in an exercise slump but think about the calories you burned with all that cleaning!)
    Ben's cake looks amazing! Wish we lived closer because I would hire you to do my cake baking! =)

    1. That is true about the calories. I will say that I slept much better that night. :)


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