Library, McDonalds, and Wolf Run Park hike

We have been busy, busy around here. On Wednesday, we went to the library in the morning so that the kiddos could get some new books. After picking out their books, they got to create for a bit at the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) table that they had set up. The created robots with gears and built creations with magnets.

Wednesday afternoon we met up with a sweet lady, Margene,  at McDonald's for lunch. Margene used to be Ben's aide last year in preschool and became his surrogate Grandma. The kids had fun seeing her and it was so great to see her.

Yesterday turned out to be a good day. I got a text from my brother wanting to know if we wanted to meet for breakfast at 9. We are supposed to be walking at least once a week, but I said sure! I was good and got a semi-healthy breakfast- a veggie omelet with no cheese, bacon and wheat toast. My kids ate the toast! LOL

After breakfast, we headed over to Goodwill since we were on that side of town. I found 3 polo shirts for the boys for church and a tank top for me (I desperately need summer shirts that I can wear for tutoring) and another shirt for me that I can wear for tutoring. I also got the kids some books, because they know that if they find a book they would like when we go there they can get one (kids books are only $0.59 each!)

Later that afternoon we decided to go for a family hike. I was supposed to go tutor, but my client cancelled (15 minutes before I was supposed to meet!). So we decided to head out to Wolf Run Park to hike around a bit.

We decided to hike out to the pond. Along the way we saw lots of signs of spring-- including many birds, a couple butterflies, a flower in the middle of the weeds.

We also saw several areas that smelled smoky and were charred as the fire department had done a controlled burn of several areas there earlier in the week.

At the pond, the kids heard several frogs, but we didn't see any. We saw many fish in the water and even saw a duck on the far side of the pond.

After the pond, we decided to hike up the Overlook trail, which is a steep incline up to an overlook deck. That trail kicked my butt! Definitely shows me how out of shape I am, and it was also a killer on my knees (going up, coming down my knees didn't bother me.)

It was a lovely hour to spend outside.

Today I have all the windows open and I am sitting here finishing up my lunch. The kids and I went to Walmart this morning to return some stuff and to get a new trash can for the garage. I plan on finishing up laundry (have the last load about to go in the dryer) and attacking the baskets of kids' summer clothes to see what (if any) needs they have.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!


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