Better day today

The last couple of days have been those days where I was glad when I went to bed and they were done.

This morning, I woke up determined to have a better day. Even though it was freezing and snowing this morning (crazy Ohio weather) I wasn't going to let that stop me from having a good day.

After taking Ben to school, I had to get Rebecca to her school for a meeting before school as she wants to sign up for safety patrol for next year. There was still 15 minutes after I dropped her off to wait until I could take Jacob in, so he and I sat in the van and I let him sit up front and control the radio. He thought it was the greatest thing in the world.

I was able to get some errands completed and then had to pick Ben up from school. After lunch, we decided to go on a walk. It was chilly, but the sun was trying to peak out. It was good to get outside.

Right now, the kiddos are watching "Bambi" for their Friday night movie night. I am typing this up and am trying to come up with my to-do list for Spring Break and a menu plan as I am going to be going back on my carb-cycling diet because something has to give.

So things seem to be more calm today and hopefully will continue in that direction.


  1. Safety patrol-good for her. Civic engagement starts early. Some days, our beds just call to us, don't they?

    1. I definitely agree. Their school goes up to 5th grade and there are a lot of walkers so the 5th graders get to do Safety Patrol.

  2. We all need those calm days to recover from the crazy ones. Life has a way of balancing out.

    1. I think I need a month or more to recover some days! LOL


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