Honey Run Waterfall and Dyeing Easter Eggs

On Saturday, the weather outside was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was out, it was nice and warm (80 degrees), and my hubby was home for the day after having to work in the morning. So what was a family to do?

Well we headed out to Honey Run Waterfall to look around and hike one of the trails.

The waterfall was flowing pretty well and Jacob (with my assistance) climbed up near the water! His face when he said I did it was pure joy!

After we decided to tackle one of the hiking trails. This one had a stretch of grassy areas with huge ant hills. Then you hit a wooded part where you had some steep inclines then straight paths then more inclines. We hiked for a little over an hour.

After coming home and getting some dinner, my sister came over to dye Easter eggs with the kiddos. I had a couple kits in our Easter tote in the basement so we used those. The tattoo one I had didn't work, so I gave the kids sharpies to decorate the eggs.

They had a blast and even tried eating one of the eggs. All the kids decided that they liked hard boiled eggs!
After my sister left it was time for the kiddos to head to bed so that the Easter bubby could make an appearance!


  1. This looks like a glorious day! I know everyone enjoyed the hike and well, Easter egg dyeing goes without saying!


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