Spring Break Equals Busyness

My kids are officially on Spring Break as of last Friday afternoon and the weather has been great around here which means we have been super busy!

Saturday, I spent most of the day deep cleaning and rearranging the kids' bedrooms. I told the kids on Friday that I had plans for it to be "Spring Cleaning" week and not Spring Break. They were not too excited about those plans. LOL

The kids' rooms turned out nice and clean. I got a trash bag full of trash out of each room and a bag of stuff to donate out of each kids' room. After the boys saw that I had rearranged Rebecca's room, they wanted their room rearranged too! Hopefully, I will have a decluttering post up later this week on the rooms!

We had some more excitement on Saturday as Benjamin lost his first tooth! I didn't even know that he had a loose one. We were eating lunch and I happened to notice there was blood on his apple and then saw that he was missing one of his lower teeth. We think he swallowed it! He was so excited and he left the tooth fairy a note under his pillow!

On Sunday, we took the kids to the park for lunch as the temps were close to 75 and the sun was out! They love going to Ariel-Foundation park and eating lunch and then throwing rocks into the lake. Rebecca even made a makeshift boat out of driftwood and a leaf! The sun was bright and I even got sunburned!

Then we took the kids to Dollar Tree so Ben could spend his money from the tooth fairy ($2). After that we decided to head out to my parents' house for the afternoon. The kids had fun playing outside and we ended up going out to dinner with them at Roosters.

On Monday, the kids and I spent the morning grocery shopping and getting some things at Walmart. I am starting a new version of the diet I was on at the beginning of the year (high carb/low carb cycling) so needed to stock up on veggies.

We also spent some time straightening up the garage so that the kids could have better access to their toys. The kids then got to play outside for a bit.

Monday afternoon, we had some craziness in that we had a mouse in our mudroom. I heard it and GusGus heard it too and he was on alert. I saw it run under the shelf and I ran upstairs and told Bill, who was in the shower. Of course, he couldn't do anything about it and then he had to leave for work. About 20 minutes after Bill left for work, I heard a thud and then Gus came running out of the mudroom with the mouse in his mouth. EEK! He then ran back into the mudroom and dropped the mouse and it went behind a shelf. So I had to be brave and move the shelf so the cat could get it again, which he did. I found a cat litter container with a lid that I chased Gus with and hit under his chin with so the mouse dropped into the container! EWWW and EEK at the same time! It had to happen when Bill was at work. On a normal Monday at this time I would be at the library tutoring!

GusGus relaxing after the fact

Today, it was raining most of the morning and I just had no energy. I took a nap this afternoon before I headed to a tutoring session. When I came home, we decided to go explore a new to us area of the Kokosing Gap Trail and we ended up walking 3.32 miles. We got to see a groundhog, several birds, a butterfly and a dead mouse on the trail! The kids had fun and it was good to be outside once again! Ben did say about mile 3 that he was tired! Lol

Can you see the groundhog on the rock?

Now the kiddos are in bed and I am relaxing, ready to see what tomorrow's adventures bring!


  1. Good boy GusGus! I was up at 2am yesterday and found my cats in the laundry room playing with a cricket that had gotten into the house. They're pretty good at killing spiders too which is great!


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