2011 Financial and Blog Goals: FEBRUARY UPDATE

On January 1, I set myself goals and resolutions that I would like to achieve this year. I know that this is something I want/ NEED to do this year. So each month I will review how I did that month and what improvements I can make for the following month.


  • Make a budget and stick to it.
I started budgeting for irregular bills and expenses. Still working on tweaking it, but have started! :)
  • Continue to gain Mypoints, Rewards points through bank, Pinecone research money, and swagbucks to use toward gift cards to be used to buy gifts
Am doing this! Am doing Swagbucks most days and am trying to do Mypoints at least 3 times a week so the emails don't pile up!
  • Save and KEEP $1000 in the emergency fund---we have had to dip into this a couple times this year and I would love to see it STAY at $1000.
I opened an ING account and made our $1000 deposit in January. I did not touch it in February! Yay!
  • Continue to coupon and write letters for coupons (at least 5 a week)
I continue to coupon, but have not started writing companies for coupons.
  • Have 2 no (low) spend months---January and June 
  • Work on paying down the Discover Card bill
I was able to make a double payment to Discover in February. Hoping to do that more often.
  • Figure out a way to bring in more money by working from home---ideas I am throwing around are tutoring, copying family home movies to dvd, making and selling simple cakes, being a part of the farmers markets to sell homebaked goods....
I have started selling a few things on ebay. I am decluttering and making a yard sale pile. We will be moving at the end of May and I will have a yard sale before we move. I also have a proposal out for a parttime babysitting job for this summer.

  • To write on the blog 4-5x a week.
I think I have finally made blogging a habit! :) Have achieved!
  • Gain more readers--- I would like to have at least 80 readers by December 31, 201
    • to do this, I want to join at least 1 blog hop a week
I am up to 62 WONDERFUL, AWESOME Followers! Thank you so much!

So, some ups, some downs....but I think it is a great continuation! I want to keep the momentum going for Finances and Blogging for March!
~ How are you doing on your New Year's Goals and Resolutions?


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