Weight Loss Update #12


I have nothing to report as I won't be weighing in again until Easter morning.
I have gotten so depressed with seeing rising numbers on the scale and so focused on a number that I will be re-starting weigh-ins on Easter Sunday.
For Lent I have given up fast food and junk food, so I hope that will lead to a lower number on the scale.
I want to focus more on feeling better about myself and being healthier.
I have also started getting up early (before the kids) and exercising so I have no excuses.

This past week was okay diet wise. I went over my calories a couple of times, by 100 or so. I have been SO hungry this week. I also didn't stick to my menu plan and in fact felt diet fatigue because I just didn't want to eat fruits and veggies. I hit a wall diet wise. I did keep track of all calories though so that is a good thing. I haev hit the wall, but I am recommitted to eating better and am going to SMASH that wall.
Exercise wise, I did GREAT this week. I exercised 6 of the 7 days. I took Friday off because I was just too tired to get up. I did Wii Fit Plus for 5 days and 1 day of the Jillian Michaels' 30 Day shred dvd. I have been doing the step game on the Wii, while I catch up on some of my shows on the dvr and then after I do 30 minutes on that I run for 10 minutes. I am so NOT a runner, but it feels good to work and sweat. I hope to keep the momentum going this week!
Are you dieting? Exercising? Tell me how you are doing....


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