Weight Loss Update #11


I have nothing to report as I won't be weighing in again until Easter morning.
I have gotten so depressed with seeing rising numbers on the scale and so focused on a number that I will be re-starting weigh-ins on Easter Sunday.
For Lent I have given up fast food and junk food, so I hope that will lead to a lower number on the scale.
I want to focus more on feeling better about myself and being healthier.
I have also started getting up early (before the kids) and exercising so I have no excuses.

I did really well last week with keeping in my calorie allotment and exercising 5 of the 7 days!!!! YAY!!!
I do want to find out the number on the scale but I am NOT weighing in as I am trying to focus on eating better and just being healthier. Honestly, I feel better after eating better and exercising. I had Pizza Hut pizza last weekend (I was watching my little brother and sister) and the next day I felt sluggish, bad, bloated, etc...
I hope this works.
I have been working out on the Wii Fit Plus. I try to do at least 30 minutes and at least 150 calories (according to the game). I have been aiming for more like 180-200 calories per 30-40 minutes!
I hope I can keep this up!


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