Cleaning the Bathroom

Next week, the school that I work for is on Spring break, so I am going to be deep cleaning, organizing, decluttering and spring cleaning my house. We rent this house and while it has it's upsides it is also hard to keep clean with the dust, etc. that accumulates. We are looking to move in a couple of months when our lease is up so I want to get a head start on decluttering and getting things ready for a big yard sale before we move. (less stuff= less we have to move!). So my plan is to spring clean the house room by room next week.

I got a head start this week as I deep cleaned my bathroom with some great SC Johnson products!  

I am a bzzagent, so I received what you see in the picture for free to use and to review. I received:

For cleaning my bathroom, I grabbed the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning gel, the Glade plugins oil refill and the Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a clean foamer. 

The first thing I did was clean my toilet. I first took my Scrubbing Bubbles flushable wipes (that I LOVE!!!!) and wiped down the outside of the toilet and the toilet seat itself. Then I did a quick swipe of the inside with my toilet brush. After that I positioned  the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning gel under the rim of our toilet and was done! I was excited to see if it worked, as we get a rim in our toilet and it is hard to keep it away. The Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel promises to:
  • prevent build up lime scale and toilet rings
  • eliminate odors as it cleans
  • last up to one week and leaves no residue

My verdict: It is super easy to apply! The gel is not overpowering in smell. And it works. It has been a week since I applied it and it is still there, and there is no toilet ring. My toilet looks as great as it did that day! I would definitely recommend this product!

After cleaning the toilet, I decided to tackle our bathtub. It is hard to tell when our bathtub gets dirty, as it is a cream color (which I hate). If you look closely you can tell that there is a bath ring from my kids' baths and that there is gunk and stuff on the edges of the tub, especially in the corners.

On the tub, I decided to use the Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer. I love that the foamer has a wide spray that covers more completely than a normal spray does. I have used Scrubbing Bubbles products in the past, but I have to say I think this is their best product yet! It was so easy to use and I just covered the tub, walls and crevices with it.
The foam seemed to work on impact and I did not have to scrub at all! A WIN-WIN in my book! The Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer promises to:
  • keep bathrooms cleaner for four days
  • goes to work on contact penetrating, dissolving and removing soap scum and reducing mildew stains
  • leaves behind a shine

My verdict: My bathtub sparkles! It is so clean. The soap scum and stuff in the corners is gone. The mildew in the one corner is reduced greatly! And I haven't noticed any soap scum in the last week! YAY!!!

After cleaning the toilet and the bathtub, I wiped down my sink, wiped off our mirror and swept the floor. The last step for me was to make the bathroom smell nice. So I plugged up my Glade crisp water scented oil refill and it SMELLED so GOOD in there! The scent from the oil refill was like the cherry on top for the clean bathroom. A week later the smell is still there, not too strong, just right!

I am so thrilled with the results of these products! They went above and beyond my expectations! I will DEFINITELY be using them again to clean the bathroom in the future!

Disclaimer: As a bzzagent, I received these products for free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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