Bagger Dave's, Port Betsie Lighthouse, and Coming Home

I am taking this opportunity to recap our 2017 Michigan vacation to Kingsley, Michigan. To get caught up, you can get the recaps here:
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Day 3, June 27, 2017 Part 2: Mission Point Lighthouse and S'mores
Day 4, June 28, 2017: Boardman River Nature Center and The Blue Tractor

Thursday morning, June 28, the sun came out and we decided to spend our last full day in Michigan with some shopping, lunch and more sightseeing. 

We spent our morning in downtown Traverse City doing a little souvenir shopping. We bought a couple of magnets (as that is my thing as far as souvenirs). We also stopped in at Cherry Republic store and tasted some of their cherry wares. I bought some chocolate covered cherries which were so good. 

After shopping for a bit, we headed out to lunch. We stopped in at Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern, after reading some good reviews online. (Well, don't believe everything you read!) The atmosphere was great... Benjamin absolutely loved the train going around the restaurant and loved watching it. Which was good, because it kept him busy as the wait for our food was very long (considering there were not that many other tables full.) 

Once we got our food, Bill's burger was completely dry there was no BBQ sauce on it. He asked for the sauce. It was literally 20 minutes later that the waitress brought it. By then the kids and I were done eating and it ruined the whole experience. My food was good and the kids said theirs was good. The lack of service however made the whole experience not good.  


After we left Bagger Dave's, we headed west about an hour to visit the Point Betsie Lighthouse on Lake Michigan. This would be our first visit to the Lake. The first thing I noticed when we got out of the SUV was how much colder and windier it was at the lighthouse. It was VERY windy! We visited the interior of the lighthouse, and then the boys and I headed down to the beach, while Bill and Rebecca went up to the top of the lighthouse.

The beach was very rocky, but it was so beautiful in it's own way. The rocks were beautiful as well. Once Bill and Rebecca joined us the kids decided to splash in the water (which was freezing!) and also to find some rocks.

On the way back to the cabin, we were talking about dinner. We decided that the kids would eat the leftovers at the cabin--hot dogs, uncrustables, etc. and that Bill and I would get Subway for dinner. It seemed like there was a Subway on every corner as we were driving to our different destinations.

That night, after dinner, we took one last walk down to the river and the kids played outside for a while. They had fun finding a frog near the wood pile, throwing sticks in the water and just being in nature. As we were getting ready to head back to the cabin for the night, Jacob started tearing up and saying he didn't want to leave.

Once we were back in the cabin for the night the kids watched "Cars" while I packed everything up to get ready to leave the following morning.

Friday morning, June 30, we packed the SUV up and headed away from River Tracks Cabin for one last time. We made pretty good time coming home, stopping at McDonald's for lunch and for a snack.

Once home, we had Wendy's for dinner and I headed out to get a few groceries to tide us over until the next time I could make a trip to the store (primarily milk and pop was needed). We all went to bed that night tired from our drive but glad to be home and basking in the memories of our time in Northern Michigan!


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