Week in Review (July 8- 15, 2017)

I find that I am in the season of life where I might not be able to come on here everyday and post in real time. It is easy to schedule posts and work on series (like our vacation) or book reviews, but to actually come on at the end of each day and talk about that day....well with my schedule there is always a chance that that might not happen. So I thought I would start maybe recapping my week, with some photos, on Saturdays. I like to think that this blog is a recap of my life, almost like a diary, so there are things that happen each week that I would like to document but don't always have a chance to. So that is going to be the purpose of these Saturday posts.

So let's see what things happened this past week (July 8-15,2017):

THE THEME OF THIS WEEK WAS RAIN, RAIN, AND MORE RAIN! We had thunderstorms and downpours every day except Friday. The rains dumped several inches of water so we had some flooding in the area. We got a little bit of water in our basement but nothing serious.

High water ponding in the yard outside my dining room window.

One of the storms did knock out our power. We were without power for a little over 6 hours. Thankfully it wasn't too hot outside. We just relaxed by candlelight and flashlights. Power came back on just as it was getting dark enough in the house for me to start scrounging up all the extra flashlights and candles.

Jacob reading by flashlight

Ben playing

Rebecca said she had a flashlight, markers and her coloring stuff, what more did she need?


Ben loves playing on the computer at the libray

Rebecca and Jacob playing at the STEM table at the library.

WE GOT CORN, CUCUMBERS AND TOMATOES AT THE FARM MARKET! They were delicious! Can't wait to get more.

First of the season corn! It was SO good!

My dinner plate--- says Summer to me!

I ASKED MY BROTHER TO COME OVER AND HELP WITH YARD WORK. The rain and hot/humid weather meant that the weeds and grass was taking over. Our lawnmower has been on the fritz so I asked my brother to come help mow and weed whack the weeds, as Bill has been working an extreme amount of hours and I wanted him to have a break. While Joe worked on the yard, I trimmed the front hedges. I hate hedges! I am glad to get them neat again. I smile every time I drive by the front of the house this week.

The hedge on the left has been trimmed. The hedge on the right has not.

While we were cleaning the patio furniture from the front porch, Ben got stung by something. He had 3 bite welts on his leg and one on his arm and he started crying that it hurt. Well Ben typically doesn't cry so we are not sure what bit him. He said it was a tiny red spider, but we are thinking it may have been a fire ant. Thankfully the welts were gone by the next day, so I think we dodged a bullet there.

WE CELEBRATED THE CATS! I took the kids to get them treats at the store and I made a cake for the humans.

The cats' birthday treats

Cake for the humans

Gus Gus


I COMPLETED A SEWING PROJECT THAT WAS ON MY LIST FOR OVER A YEAR! Rebecca has had this SpongeBob toy since she was a little over a year old. Well, probably a little over a year ago the arm came off. It was put in my closet and I just haven't had a chance to fix it. Well, much to my daughter's delight I bit the bullet and sewed the arm back on today! I also sewed Ben's Star Wars pillow shut after the seam came undone in the wash.

This was before the sewing got done. Complete with my Grandma's cookie sewing tin.

Overall, it was a crazy week! Today, Saturday, I am going to be cleaning house. I will probably also be helping Rebecca with her SWAPS project for her upcoming AHG Camping trip. Lots going on, so I better run! Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Rachel-You are at such a busy time in your life with three children that need mama! Your plate says summer to me as well-delicious. How sweet the kids with their flashlights reading.

  2. Agree with SAM-roll with it, post when you can. : )

  3. You are really blessed with children who can successfully entertain themselves in a pinch - like when the electricity goes out! They all look so cute with their flashlights, books etc. :) I think you've hit on a good blogging idea - daily doesn't work for me either.

  4. Daily blogging does not work for me for 2 reasons. First life gets in the way and my plans are subject to Mom's state of being. Second, well I am just not that interesting nor do I do fantastic things. I figure everyone who blogs does what they are comfortable with, but if I try to post daily it becomes more like an job and then it is no longer fun.


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