No rain = time to walk

First of all, thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes for Bill and I. We enjoyed a laid back day yesterday walking with the kids outside and then enjoying a dinner of take out.

We were able to go walking/hiking because after a week of daily rains, we finally got some dry weather this weekend. There has been area flooding, but thankfully we didn't experience any here at our house. We decided to take the kids out on a walk on Sunday as the humidity finally broke and the sun was out.

We headed out to Gambier to visit the choo-choo and to walk the trail.

One of the first thing we noticed, was that there was a huge tree branch down that just a couple months ago, my brother Josh had sat on.

Then (May):


The Kokosing River was running high. In fact, we saw several streams where there had not been any. And where there are usually sandbars, there wasn't any.

We saw MANY butterflies on our walk, a frog or 2, and a worm.

Overall, it was a lovely way to spend our anniversary with the family.

After our walk, we treated the kiddos to McDonald's for lunch.

Then it was home to cool off and relax for the rest of the afternoon/evening.


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