It's been a good birthday...

Today at 4:57 AM I officially turned 38 years old. I feel old! I know that many people would say that 38 isn't old, but I feel like I am no where near where I want to be in my life. Something to work on this year I guess. 

Back to today, I have had a wonderful day thanks to my family. This morning, Bill let me sleep in. He is working a new work schedule so is home in the mornings now. He went and got me Tim Horton's crueler doughnuts which are my absolute favorite. I also woke to many messages on Facebook and texts from my siblings wishing me a happy birthday. 

After I got up and showered, we decided to head over to the Children's Garden to see what renovations they are doing. They are not done with it, but have added a huge giant chair for the kids to sit on. They have also added back the train that they took out last year. It looks like they refinished it and redid the train tracks to make it safer. We also enjoyed the plethora of flowers throughout the gardens.

After we left the Children's Garden, I decided that we needed to go walk. So we headed to the Kokosing Gap Trail to walk. We ended up walking 3.08 miles. We saw a crane along the river.

After our walk, we stopped at Wendy's for lunch before heading home. 

Bill and the kids also got me a birthday cake which we enjoyed as a snack. They also got me an electronic shower brush, a meat thermometer and a pedometer for my birthday. 

Bill unfortunately had to work tonight, so the kids and I headed out to Ruby Tuesday to meet my parents and my youngest brother for dinner. They treated us to dinner and it was fun. My sister came to the restaurant for a little bit after she got off work as well.

Back at home, I got the kids to bed and straightened up the house a bit as Rebecca is having a play date tomorrow. I also enjoyed a surprise treat that my hubby brought home for me while we were at dinner--- a funnel cake from our county fair! (Bill had to cover something there tonight for work, and we had decided not to go this year, but he knows how much I love funnel cakes!). 

Now I am sitting here, watching the Cleveland Indians (they are winning 7-0!), and typing this up thinking about how blessed I am. Today has been a wonderful day to start off my 38th year!  


  1. 38 is young! Happy Birthday, hoping this will be your greatest year yet.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Birthday cake and funnel cake in one day sounds like heaven to me! =)

  3. Happy Birthday, Rachel. 38-wow, I still had three at home, and have since had two different jobs. One thing I am learning is that there is no set date/age when you need to accomplish anything, and that the definition of accomplishmnet itself will change. I can guarentee in 10 years you may still feel like you have a lot more to do, learn, accomplish, and that is OK.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day and that your family spoiled you properly. Funnel cake is the best :) Hope you have an amazing 38th year!

  5. Donuts! Birthday cake! Funnel cake! Sounds like the perfect day! Happy birthday Rachel! Woo!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! What a great way to spend the day!


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