Just chilling at the cabin and making s'mores over a fire

I am taking this opportunity to recap our 2017 Michigan vacation to Kingsley, Michigan. To get caught up, you can get the recaps here:
Day 1, June 25, 2017: So we rented a cabin in Michigan

On Day 2, June 26, we decided to just stay at the cabin and relax. The weather was kind of cool and we just wanted to stay in and relax after driving the previous day. We sat on the porch and read. The kids played with frisbees and gliders in the yard.

We explored the river area. Rebecca discovered a tree that was being felled by beavers. We saw what we think are animal dens near the river.

That evening, Bill made his very first campfire in the fire pit. It took him almost an hour, but he got it going. We were able to roast hot dogs over the fire and then we were able to make s'mores.

Once the fire went out, and the mosquitoes came out, we headed in for the night.

We ended our day 2 by watching Moana on DVD and eating popcorn. We headed to bed happy with the time spent outside and smelling like campfire!


For the next day we were planning to go see some bugs and butterflies and a lighthouse!


  1. MMM, hot dogs over the fire. We never do that at the cabin, but I would enjoy that memory for childhood. You all look very happy-love the little smooch!

    1. The kids loved making their own dinner! :-)

  2. May favourite campfire food. I swear hotdogs taste best when cooked on the end of a stick :)


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