G. T. Butterfly House and Bug Zoo, and the Jolly Pumpkin

I am taking this opportunity to recap our 2017 Michigan vacation to Kingsley, Michigan. To get caught up, you can get the recaps here:
Day 1, June 25, 2017: So we rented a cabin in Michigan
Day 2, June 26, 2017: Just chilling at the cabin and making s'mores over a fire

So after staying in at the cabin during the chilly Monday, we decided to get out and explore some of the area on Tuesday.

Our first stop was the Grand Traverse Butterfly House and Bug Zoo. Our kids love butterflies and are interested in animals, so I thought this would be a great place to visit.

When you enter, you are guided to the butterfly room first. They have many different types of butterflies flying around. There is an area where they have different chrysalises hanging and if you are lucky you will see a butterfly hatch. We saw one that had just hatched. The kids loved the butterflies and learning about them. The guide in the room was FABULOUS with the kids and definitely knew here stuff.

After you leave the butterfly room, you head into the bug zoo. They have a tarantula tree and many different types of bugs on display. The kids LOVED this area. They got to see one of the attendants feeding some bugs with meal worms. So gross, but so interesting at the same time.

After we left the Butterfly House, we headed up to the Old Mission Peninsula in search of some lunch. There are many wineries on the  peninsula and the drive was so beautiful. We ended up at the Jolly Pumpkin restaurant and brewery.

The food there was the best that we had in Michigan. I had a blt with the most fabulous mayonnaise. It was so yummy! Bill had a bison sloppy joe that he said was wonderful as well. The service was wonderful as well, which we would later learn was a novelty in the area. So glad we took the chance and stopped. It was truly wonderful!

After lunch, we headed up to the end of the Peninsula, so that we could continue our adventure, which I will write about next time!


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