Mission Point Lighthouse and S'mores

I am taking this opportunity to recap our 2017 Michigan vacation to Kingsley, Michigan. To get caught up, you can get the recaps here:
Day 1, June 25, 2017: So we rented a cabin in Michigan
Day 2, June 26, 2017: Just chilling at the cabin and making s'mores over a fire
Day 3, June 27, 2017 Part 1: G. T. Butterfly House and Bug Zoo, and the Jolly Pumpkin

After we had lunch at the Jolly Pumpkin on Tuesday, June 27, we continued down the road through the Old Mission Peninsula and headed towards our destination at the tip of the peninsula. We were heading to check out Mission Point Lighthouse.

This was probably my favorite part of our trip. We got to see a lighthouse up close. We even got to climb up to the top of it and look out over Traverse Bay.

After we explored the lighthouse, the kids changed into their bathing suits and we headed down to the bay. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the kids had a blast playing in Traverse Bay. I stuck my feet in the water and it was FREEZING!!! But the kids didn't care...they loved playing in the water.

We also had a fun time walking along the shore enjoying the warmth of the sun.

After a while, we headed back to change the kids into their regular clothes. Then we headed down a couple of the nature paths that they had near the lighthouse property.

When we came back, we discovered the 45th Parallel sign. It was kind of cool to realize that we were standing exactly half-way between the North Pole and the Equator.

We then decided to head back to the cabin. On the way back, we decided to stop and get ice cream to enjoy as a snack.

Later that evening, Bill built another fire (this one was the aide of LOTS of matchsticks) and we were able to roast s'mores. We had many marshmallows that got burnt. LOL

After s'mores, I was going to give the kids a shower before bed, and we decided to try the outdoor shower with Ben first. Well, as I was giving him a shower the alarm for the holding tank went off with a loud piercing siren. We had to call the homeowners. They came out and the holding tank was full. They asked us how much water we had used and we told them we were gone most of the day. Finally figured out that the toilet was continuously running every few minutes causing the problem. It had been replaced recently by the homeowner and apparently something was wrong (the next morning the owner came out with a plumber and there was a rubber band under one of the sealants causing the problem. So it wasn't something we caused!).
While Bill dealt with the homeowners, the kids played outside and Ben and I snuggled near the fire pit.

Once the owners left, we decided to just head in and get ready for bed instead of watching a dvd, as it was late (after 10PM) and we were going to get up early the next day to head out to a local nature center.


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