Went to Kalahari....

This past Saturday, we were invited to go up to Sandusky Ohio to visit Kalahari Waterpark and Resort with my parents and siblings. My dad wanted to take the grandkids up for the night. They rented a 3 bedroom suite for the night and we spent 24+ hours up there. All told there were 12 of us who were there... my mom, my dad, me, Rebecca, Jacob, Benjamin, my brother Josh, my sister Mary, my brother Joe, his wife (whom nobody knew was coming), my niece Lacie and my nephew Ethan. My other nephew Alex (who is severely autistic) stayed back as the noise and crowds would be too much for him. (It was everyone's understanding that my SIL was going to stay back with Alex, however at the last minute she tagged along leaving HER mom with Alex. When we got up there, the look of shock on my parents' faces was enough. My mom later told me that neither she or my dad knew my SIL was coming, even though when I picked them up both her and my brother told me that my parents knew that she was coming.)

We got up to Kalahari around 1PM. My mom was able to check in early to give us access to the water park before our suite was ready. We changed the kids into their swimsuits and headed out to the outside park of the park. It was cloudy to start out, but then the sun came out and we actually all got sunburned. The kids had a blast running under waterfalls and spending time in the pool.

We got into our room about 4:30. My dad made dinner reservations for us at 5:30 at a restaurant in the resort called "The Reserve." We had our own little area and the food was fantastic. I had chicken margherita which was amazing. I also had a strawberry daiquiri-- Rebecca told me at dinner, she didn't want me to drink it because there was alcohol in it and we were going to be swimming after dinner and I shouldn't have alcohol if I am going to swim. I reassured her I would be fine.

After dinner, we stopped at the candy store and got the kids a treat.

Then we got changed to go back swimming. My dad and I took the 5 kids down swimming as my brother and SIL didn't want to go- basically they wanted some downtime, or just to have someone else watch their kids. I wasn't going to tell the kids they couldn't come with me so we had all 5 kids with us. The kids had a blast in the pool with basketball hoops in it. They LOVED it and did not want to get out of it.

After a couple of hours in the pool, we took the kids back up to the room for baths and snacks before bed. My kids and I retreated to our room and got settled in for the night. I let the kids watch "Ice Age" while they fell asleep and I went to take a long bath and call Bill. He wasn't able to come as he had to work and I missed him terribly.

The next morning, we were supposed to head to breakfast at 9am, however the kids were all still asleep at 9, so it ended up being close to 10 when we made it to breakfast. We ate at a buffet and the food was so good. They had a little bit of everything and it was all yummy.

After breakfast, we headed back to the water park for a few hours. We spent some time inside at the kid slides and under the area where this huge bucket would pour all it's water down over the kids about every 5-7 minutes. The kids LOVED that part!

We then headed outside for some more pool time outside. The kids are all fish I believe! They love swimming and splashing and just being in the water. They also loved the waterfalls splattered throughout the outside park!

Around 2:30, ALL the kids were getting tired and Jacob said he wanted to go home. So we got the kiddos changed into their regular clothes and stopped at the gift shop before we headed out. My mom bought the kids a souvenir and then we got into our vehicles to head home. 2 hours later I dropped my brother and his family off at their house and the kids and I got home to ours minutes before it started pouring down rain!

When we got home, Rebecca told me that I was making a fashion statement with my hair. I told her that was called being at a waterpark for 24+ hours and driving home with the windows down! LOL

Overall, it was a fun, but exhausting 24+ hours at Kalahari. It has been over 10 years since I had been there and I have to say that the place is HUGE! Hopefully, next time we go Bill will be able to come as well.


  1. You know, with a severely autistic child, your brother and SIL probably DID need downtime, and did want somebody else, trustworthy, to watch their kids for a bit. You did a great thing by taking them that evening.

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    2. I would agree with you, however the background is that they pretty much don't raise my autistic nephew. He is in a day camp all day long from 8AM-6PM where his Grandma takes him and picks him up. SHE then brings him home and gets him dinner and gets him to bed. He is at a respite weekend at least 1 time a month and the other weekends he is usually with his grandma. They never have him. My SIL does not work or do anything. They are ALWAYS looking for others to take care of their kids. Another recent example was Alex's birthday. My SIL asked me to make his cake, which I happily did. Texted my brother the night before the party as we had just got back from vacation to see where it was supposed to be. He wasn't sure. Then texted back that it was at the park at 2. Okay. As we are driving there with the cake and candles, I offhandedly said to my husband I hope that they brought plates. We get there and they brought NOTHING. No plates, no drinks, NOTHING. My mom ended up going to the closest gas station to buy plates and drinks and forks. They want everything to be done for them. It is a sad situation really.

    3. Ah. I see. I was trying to figure out why your parents were surprised to see your brother's wife. The back story makes everything clearer, NOT that it's my beeswax. I still stand by what I said though: You did a great thing by taking those kids that evening, even if you did have every reason to feel put upon. My own story:
      I avoid places like water parks like the plague, and, as such, my (neurotypical) kids don't get much chance to go to them. (I hate the cost, noise and crowds.)I know a lot of parents look down on me for this. If they are invited to go with a friend, I offer to pay both mine and friend's admission.(A "You fly, I buy" deal.) Dd just had a case like this: Was invited to go to water park. Of course the parents refused the offer of admission, even though they know I will never reciprocate in kind. I did make DD cough up the coin to buy the other mother a gift card for a manicure as a thank you, though.

  2. I thought that too but they could have at least asked you alone if you could watch all five kids. Glad you had a good time and your children seemed to have a really good time in the water. Cheryl

    1. My kids did have a great time! As for my brother and SIL, they never ask. They just leave their kids and disappear whenever there is a family gathering. And their youngest likes to wander off and do his own thing.

  3. That poor kid. He is their responsibility, you have your own three to watch. Cheryl


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