Happy birthday Gus and Gronk!

On Valentine's Day, we had 2 new family members join our household. We adopted Gus Gus and Gronk from friends of ours.
We got them because we had a problem with mice (which thankfully they helped take care of!). We also got them because we thought it would be good for Jacob to have a pet, as he was developing a phobia of animals.
We had no idea how much joy they would bring to our lives.

Today we celebrate Gus and Gronk's 1st birthday!
They are officially 1 year old!

Gronk has become known as our "fat cat." He is much more calm than Gus. He likes to lay around. His favorite places to nap are under the living room table, in the closet off the bathroom, and on my and Bill's bed. His favorite toys are my hair ties! He also loves to come up to our bed at 4:30 in the morning and pat Bill's legs and snuggle with us. 

Gus Gus
is our wild child. He likes to chase mice and then let them go.  He loves to wrestle with his brother. He doesn't like a lot of people. He prefers to be by himself. He likes to take his collar off, so we have 2 for him (a green one and a red one). His favorite places to nap are in the bathroom floor, on top of a tote in the bathroom closet and near one of the windows in our bedroom. He loves the laser pointer and stuffed mice.

Both cats love to be around each other and play with each other. They love chasing each other through the house and then end with cuddling with each other.

Overall, they have added so much to our lives. So here's to a happy 1st birthday to Gus and Gronk!


  1. Awww...What an adorable post on your two furbabies! They certainly have their own personalities don't they? =) I wish your family many more years with them! <3

  2. I can't believe how similar your cats are to mine! We have one fat cat who naps all the time and one slim and very busy cat that hardly ever naps. They even look like mine :) They have added so much to our lives too - I can't image life without them!

  3. I think pets add so much to our lives especially when you have children. Your cats are beautiful. Love your blog. I went to college in rural Ohio, so you bring back memories!


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