Friday, July 12, 2019

Sprinklers, Catholic Kidz Camp, and a Rummage Sale

Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend! This has been another busy, hot, humid, summer week. So what has been going on? Well...

We have been stuck at home most of the week during the day as they are doing gas pipeline construction on our road. The road behind us, where we park, dead ends into our neighbor's garage and is the only way to get to the houses on our road. Well, everyday since Monday they have been digging and working, etc. Now they have moved their vehicles/equipment if we have had to get out (like for doctor's appointments) but it is a hassle. It is what it is I guess. 

Wednesday afternoon, I set the sprinkler up in the yard so that the kids (both my own and my babysitting kiddo) could play. They had a blast running around and getting cool.

This week the boys have had Catholic Kidz Camp at our church in the evenings. (It is like vacation bible school.) This week they learned about various saints and the virtues of faith, hope and love. They did crafts, learned songs and dances, had different games they played, etc. They really enjoyed their week and last night was their closing ceremony where they sang the songs they learned and danced to them for their parents. I went and the boys did a great job! (Bill and Rebecca couldn't attend as they had a performance of The Wizard of Oz.

This morning, I took a chance and was able to get out of our street for a bit as I wanted to head to a rummage sale that a local church was having. I discovered it last year and found treasures, so wanted to go again this year. It did not disappoint. I was able to get a new winter coat for Rebecca, a jean jacket for Rebecca, a hooded jacket for fall for Jacob, 2 shirts for Jacob (including a sports jersey), a hooded jacket for fall for Ben, a t-shirt for Ben, a shirt for Rebecca to cut up and paint, a pair of snow pants for Benjamin, a Mad Gab game, a blue jar, and a small bag of sewing stuff for Rebecca. My total was only $8.25.  Each article of clothing (even the coats were only $0.25 each!). I gave them $9 and told them keep the change. 

After we put the items in the van, we walked through their stone garden, which is a nice little path with Biblical passage showcasing important events in Jesus' life and ministry. We visited last year as well.  Again it was a nice little path to walk and think, with pretty flowers scattered about. 

Now, I am just working on laundry and making out a menu plan for next week. I am walking to the farm market with a friend in the morning so I want to make sure that I know what I want to get. I am really trying to eat cleaner-- in that I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies versus processed carbs, etc. The boys are watching TV. Bill and Rebecca just headed off to perform. I need to heat my dinner up in a bit, but first I just heard the dryer so I will deal with that first. So I had better end this here and I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. What is the deal with the ruins Rebecca is looking at?

  2. What great deals at the rummage sale. My daughter could use a good jacket/rain resistant with a hood before heading to school.


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