31 Days to a Clutter Free Life: Day 2-- Entryway

Yesterday I announced that I was taking part in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge over at Living Well Spending Less.

Well today is Day 2 and Ruth has given us the assignment of tackling our entryway! (To find today's official assignment, you can go here).

I will admit that our entryway is typically our dumping ground for stuff...backpacks, shoes, jackets, stuff we bring in from the van or car, things that people have given us that we don't have time to deal with right at that point, things that are waiting to be taken to Goodwill.

Our entryway is in the back of our house, as that is where we park. Our entryway also serves as our pantry as it is right off of the kitchen.

Here is what you saw if you would have walked into my house at 8:15am this morning.....

I spent about 45 minutes on this project. I took everything out that didn't belong. I sorted and put items away that belonged other places (ie. medicines, bandaids, etc. from our vacation in JULY! that needed to be put away in the bathroom, kids stuff in their room, dirty clothes in the basement, stuff that needed to photographed to be sold up in the closet upstairs that holds all the things I currently am trying to sell on facebook, etc.) I then wiped down doors, windows, and dusted. I also took a broom to the outside of the door, as a spider had decided to build a huge web in the top corner. Finally, I swept the floor. As a last touch, I took our dolphin welcome sign off the outside of the door, and put up our Happy Halloween sign, as it is October!

Here is what you see now......

It really wasn't that hard to do, and I felt like I accomplished something! I will call day 2 a success!!


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