Weigh In Wednesday #11

In an effort to lose 40 lbs over the course of the next year (by July 28, 2015) I have decided to have a weekly accountability forum here on my blog. Every Wednesday I will be posting a "Weigh In Wednesday" post where I will post my weight taken that morning and things that I did good on the previous week, and things (goals) to work on for the next week. I think that by doing this, I can break it down into smaller goals and hopefully make myself more accountable!

First let's recap:
 My official starting weight (on July 30) was:::  235.6 lbs.
My weight last week was::: 230.2 lbs
My weight this week is::: 226.6 lbs. I am down 3.6 lbs!!!! ***DOING  A BIG HAPPY DANCE*** :) 

I am just a little happy about my weight loss this week!! There were a number of factors in this. I re-focused on eating well. Making sure that I was eating at least 2 regular meals and a 1 mini meal a day. I just can't eat 3 huge meals a day. Just isn't me. I tried to make sure that I was eating at least 1 fruit or veggie with each meal. Also we didn't eat out at all--well, except for I had 1 piece of pizza and a breadstick at my nephew's birthday party that was from Little Ceasars Pizza. I also tried to make sure that I snuck some sort of activity in each day. I did do 2 Wii workouts, but I also made sure that I was running up and down the steps at home, I played tag with kids at school 2 days and just tried to sneak in exercise. I think that all helped contribute to the big loss this week. 

Today I said goodbye to the 230s forever! I don't like the 230s. I don't like them at all. Now to get to where I can say goodbye to the 220s. 

Any words of wisdom? Thoughts? Advice? 
I would love to have all the support I can get!!
If you are trying to lose weight, feel free to tag along on these posts as well! Would love some company on this weight loss journey! 


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