31 Days to a Clutter Free Life-- Days 5-12 in pictures!

October 1st, I announced that I was taking part in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge over at Living Well Spending Less. While I haven't been able to blog about it everyday, I have been trying to keep up with it.

Some of the days, I decided to skip as I don't have an issue in those areas. Other days I skipped because I didn't have the time to really put forward the effort needed in that area. Don't worry though, even on those days I straightened up the areas. Here is a recap of how I have done in the past week:

Day 5: Books and Magazines

I listed a ton of adult books on facebook selling wall and I have already sold several. (Those not sold by the end of the month will be donated to Goodwill) I took a huge bag of books to school for a donation to the after school care program I work at. Our shelves look so much better! 

Day 6: DVDs and Video Games-- I had Dear Hubby go through the dvds and video games. He came up with a lot to get rid of. I listed over 20 on facebook selling wall and have sold several. Those not sold by the end of the month will be donated to Goodwill. 

Day 7: Toys-- This is an ongoing project that I tackled when I did the living room. I also recently have done the boys' room, but still need to do Rebecca's room. 

Day 8: Junk Drawer

Day 9: Dining Area

Day 10: Kitchen Counters

Day 11: Kitchen Cupboards-- This space is already organized as I have a very limited number of cabinets in my kitchen and thus can't breed clutter in them. 

Day 12: Pantry-- This was done when I organized the entry way as it is part of my entry way.

So there you have it...Days 5-12 DONE! I haven't been able to keep up with daily blogging with life going on, but I have been keeping up with the challenge for the most part. Now just to finish the month strong! 


  1. Looks awesome!! Will have to check out that challenge for some guidance! :)

    1. Thanks Carla! The challenge gives some great guidance...the problem I am having is I have been extremely busy the last couple of days so have been unable to complete some of the challenges, but I may just extend it to November...

  2. Nice job!! Books are always the hardest for me to get rid off :)

    1. Thanks Lena! Books are hard for me too, but I have to think when they are just sitting there collecting dust then there is an issue. Also I have been frequenting my local library so I don't have to have the books collecting dust at my house :) I did keep all the ones by my favorite author (Nicholas Sparks) and lots of the classic books that I know my kids will read one day...

  3. You are so much like me it is scary. I love the book shelves they look like mine. So does your kitchen. I really need to do this.

    1. I will take that as a compliment :) I am finding it really wasn't hard, but did take some time.


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