Happy Halloween!


Today is Halloween day, but we actually celebrated it yesterday as there is no school for Rebecca and Jacob today, and our town had their trick or treat night last night. This year for Halloween, we had a Queen Elsa, Green Lantern and a Batman to take to the festivities!

First up, Jacob got to wear his costume to school on Wednesday and Thursday, as he has different teachers those two days and so 2 Halloween parties. I was a bad mom and did not get a single picture of him before school. Oops. 

Yesterday, Rebecca had to take her costume to school for an afternoon Halloween parade and class party. She had a blast, and I was able to be Mom and help out at her class party. I made jack-o-lantern mandarin orange cups to take (thanks Pinterest for the idea!). They had some crafts to do, a Halloween Bingo game to play and then some yummy snacks! She had a blast. 

Last night our community held their annual trick or treat night. We took all 3 kids. There is one main street that we go up and down and that is it. My kids are used to it and it works for us. Rebecca was very brave this year and went into the haunted yard that is elaborately decorated for Halloween. Last year, it made her cry. Because we were there right away it wasn't as scary as previous years as we passed it later and they were scaring kids and had chainsaws going off, etc.

We ended up meeting up with my brother, his wife and 2 of their children to trick or treat with. A little more than halfway done, Ben decided he was done and didn't want to walk anymore. I have a sore arm today from having to carry him. 

At the very last house, we lost Jacob for a minute, as he did not stay with us as we crossed the street to go back to the van. Thankfully, Bill ran back across the street and found him talking to a mom and crying because he lost us. It was a frightening moment. At this point, Jacob was crying, Ben was crying and we were done! We got into the van and headed off to pick up Wendy's for dinner, which is a post trick or treat tradition for our family. We might have to reconsider though as it is expensive to get food for all of us and not really get a whole lot. It was $28 for dinner. 

Overall, it was a long day that I am glad only comes once a year. The kids had fun though and that is what matters! 


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