Pete the Cat came to visit Jacob!

Jacob is in preschool 5 mornings a week at our local Catholic school. He is really enjoying himself and LOVES school. Well, in his preschool they have a class pet named Pete the Cat. Pete is a character from the book series by Eric Litwin. I remember the first week of preschool Jacob would come home and tell me all about the story of Pete the Cat.

Well, every few days Pete the Cat goes home with one of the students to have some adventures. In addition to bringing Pete home, there is also a journal included, where the teacher asked that we allow our child to dictate Pete's adventures in our home and record them in the journal before returning Pete and the journal to school the next day.Well Tuesday it was Pete the Cat's turn to come to Jacob's house! 

Jacob was SO excited that Pete was coming home with him! When he was released from preschool, he came running toward me yelling Pete is coming home with me today, Pete is coming home with me today! It was so cute!  
As soon as we got in the van, Jacob took Pete out of his bag and introduced him to Benjamin and was pretending to talk to Pete and Pete was answering. It was really cute. 

Pete had a fun day with us, even though it was low key. We didn't have any plans to go anywhere so Pete hung out with Jacob, and was a constant companion to Jacob, except when Benjamin tried to take him. Personally, I think that Jacob had a good afternoon and evening with Pete.

Here is what Jacob dictated to me to write in the journal:
Tuesday September 30, 2014--

"When I saw Mommy, I showed her Pete the Cat. Then I got into the van and told Benjamin about Pete. For lunch we had butter and jelly sandwiches. I twirled Pete the Cat. I grabbed his hands and twirled him around. We danced. Pete the Cat played on my v-reader with me. We went to sleep together on the couch. I told Rebecca about Pete the Cat. I threw Pete the Cat on the stairs and he landed on the stairs. We had sweet potatoes, green beans and chicken for dinner. I didn't like the chicken. We then played on the v-reader again. The we sat together on the couch. We watched cartoons. We watched "Sophia the First." Pete didn't like "Let the Good Times Troll." He likes "The Baker King" and "The Buttercups." Pete helped me clean up. Pete helped me brush my teeth and it is time for bed. Pete is going to sleep in my bed with me and Spiderman!"

Later that night, I got a message from Jacob's teacher that we could keep Pete the Cat until Thursday, so he got to spend an extra day with Jacob.

Here is what Jacob dictated to me for Wednesday October 1:

"When I went to school today, Pete stayed in bed. He was too tired. When Mommy picked me up from
school, Pete was sitting in my seat. Pete kissed Mommy. Pete hugged me. Then after that he kissed me. We ate lunch. And then he helped me play on my v-reader. We played Scooby-Doo.  Pete helped me clean up again. I twirled Pete again. Me and Pete the cat talked about what I wanted for my birthday. Pete is going to sleep in my bed again. I have to take Pete back to school tomorrow. I’ll miss Pete. "

Jacob took Pete the Cat back to school this morning. I hope Pete the Cat had fun with us, because I know Jacob had fun with him!


  1. They do this in my son's preschool class too!! He is waiting for his turn with the class pet and can't wait. So fun and Jacob is such a cutie!


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