31 Days to a Clutter Free Life-- Days 3 and 4--mail and the living room

October 1st, I announced that I was taking part in the 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life challenge over at Living Well Spending Less.

Yesterday was Day 3 and today was Day 4. (To find the original assignments you can go here and here.)

Yesterday, the assignment had to do with dealing with mail. I already have a system in place that I like to use and it involves throwing out the trash when I get the mail, and filing the bills in a number organizer that Hubby and I got when we had our first townhouse. I love it! I will say that I did have to deal with a bunch of papers and stuff that got piled into an organizer. I filed everything that needed filed, threw out all the trash and was left with an empty container that now houses scrap paper for my kids to draw on so that they don't take my computer paper.

Today was Day 4 and the assignment was to declutter the living room. This is an area for our family that is the central hub of the house. It houses our TV, gaming systems, the kids' toys that they play with downstairs, as well as our DVD collection.

I started by going through the toys and books. I collected a brown bag full of books to donate to the after school program I work at. I found a few toys to donate to Goodwill, and a few to throw away. After I went through the toys, I decided to clean under the couch, love seat and chair as Benjamin has a tendency to put toys through the cracks in the couch and behind the couch and love seat. I will admit I was embarrassed when I tipped the love seat over to find a mess of things under there. I promise I do clean house! I had Bill go through the DVDs and the games to see what he wanted to donate/sell and he came up with a bunch. I paired down the items on the mantel, moving our shells to the DVD shelf and it just makes it look a ton better. I am very happy with how clean it is and organized!

Overall, these assignments haven't been that bad. Today took a while longer as I was doing kitchen tasks at the same time...I was baking a cake, making applesauce in the crock pot, cutting veggies for the freezer, etc. It was a very busy day, but I am happy with how clean and organized my living room is!


  1. The living room looks great! It's a challenge to keep clutter to a minimum when you have kids with toys, especially lego and polly pocket toys with lots of little parts. My daughter is all grown up but I have a puppy and so now dog toys are everywhere. Good luck with the rest of your challenge!

  2. Great job! I kinda love how there is a child in both the before and after pictures. :) They may bring some clutter, but they add so much more, am I right? :)


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