Jacob is 5 years old!

Five years ago today, Bill took me to the hospital because at 37 weeks pregnant I was having what I thought was heartburn. There was a constant ache right under my ribs. Bill felt I should have it checked out, so off to the hospital we went. We met my in-laws who graciously took Rebecca home with them, and went up to labor and delivery as it was 8 o'clock at night. After running several tests, they said I was not in labor but that the on call doctor wanted them to do one more assessment. As soon as the nurse started that test, I went into active labor (talking contractions 4 minutes apart!); the only problem was I needed a c-section because Jacob was breech and in such a way that it would be impossible to give birth to him naturally. I was prepped for a c-section and at 1:35 AM Jacob William was welcomed into the world! I cannot believe that was 5 years ago today!

Today, Jacob is a bright, rambunctious, lovable 5 year old who LOVES life. He currently goes to preschool every day during the week and he LOVES school! He is such a great little boy! I thought it would be fun to list some of his favorites in honor of his birthday so here goes: 

For his birthday, we are going to be having lunch and cake tomorrow with grandparents here at our house. For today, we are just going to hang out and spend a quiet day at home with the birthday boy! 



  1. His favourite day is Wednesday?? That's funny! Oh, and congrats on the weight loss!!


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