Mr. Shaba-daba-ding-dong

Rebecca's 2nd grade class has a class pet. His name is "Mr. Shaba-daba-ding-dong." (We call him Mr. S for short). Mr. S is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who walks and roars and has red glowing eyes. This is not surprising as Rebecca's 2nd grade teacher loves dinosaurs and in fact, each year the 2nd grade class spends most of the year doing a dinosaur project which includes researching and writing a report on a certain type of dinosaur.

Back to Mr. Shaba-daba-ding-dong. Mr. S goes home with a student every weekend to experience life with that student. Then he goes back to school on Monday with 3 pictures to show what he was up to.

This past weekend, Rebecca got to bring Mr. S. home. She was SUPER excited to bring him home. One of first things Mr. S. got to do with Rebecca was to make pizzas with her for dinner. After dinner, he watched Frozen with Rebecca and the boys for movie night.

On Saturday, Mr. S just hung around the house while I cleaned and Rebecca did some arts and crafts. She made Mr. S into a king. Later, Mr. S rode with us to McDonald's for the birthday boy's dinner choice, but he had to stay in the van as I didn't want him to get lost or left behind.

On Sunday, Mr. S got introduced to all our family who came for Jacob's birthday party. He tried to eat some cake, but we wouldn't let him.

Monday, Rebecca had to take Mr. Shaba-daba-ding-dong back to school. I hope he had a great weekend with us, as I know Rebecca LOVED having him come visit!


  1. Your kids' teachers are a creative bunch! Happy birthday Jacob!

    1. They are a creative bunch! I love their teachers this year!


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