5 Things...

So many things to talk about....so many things on my mind today...so here goes....

1. Hubby and I FINALLY got smartphones. We had old phones that we have had for 3-4 years. There was no internet capability on them and more and more we were unable to open texts from people because they were sent from smartphones. We basically had DUMB phones. LOL. Well, Wednesday, we headed to Walmart and we each got a Samsung Galaxy Android phone and we signed up for a different service. We were with Straightalk, but now are with Total Wireless which is the the parent company of Trac phones, Straightalk and a couple other companies. They offer a family plan that is cheaper than doing 2 individual plans with Straightalk.  It took a while to get our numbers transferred because the salesperson we had to call, put wrong numbers in at one point in the process, but we finally got them activated. It has been 2 days and I like the new phone, even if I don't understand how to use most of the features. LOL.

2. This weekend is supposed to be Rebecca's softball tournament. BUT it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow...not sure what they are going to do. I will be so glad when this softball season is over. It has been a LONG season.....

3. Today, is my nephew's 8th birthday. Alex has severe autism and unfortunately, I believe he will always need 24 hour care. He is in foster care right now because his parents have had run-ins with children services but we get to see him about 2 times a month when my brother gets him for the weekend. 

4. Today, also my facebook feed and the news has been all over that the US Supreme Court has legalized gay marriage in all states. That is huge news. I am very happy for a relative who came out a couple of months ago, as she will now be able to get married in the future if she wants to. I don't get political on this blog very often, or really in real life, but in this case I believe that Love is Love and it doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, you should be able to love whomever you want and get married to whomever you want regardless of whether others think that it is moral or immoral. 


5. My house is a mess, and I really need to get some cleaning done. Anyone want to send a cleaning fairy my way????


I think that is all. I really should go clean something. Hope everyone has a great Friday! 


  1. We three have Galaxy android smartphones with Tracfone. They are very cheap for us to use and Tracfone FINALLY came up with a text card. You can buy 1000 texts for $10.00. Twitter is all abuzz about the legalized gay marriage. I agree with everything you said. We need more happy people, happy couples, happy families, no matter who they are. This world needs all the love it can get.

  2. Sounds like your Friday was indeed great! :) As it was for many today; Love is Love. Great day; except I didn't get a cleaning fairy either, what's up with that?


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