Grocery shopping and Menu Plan for the week

As I mentioned last week, I am  trying to adhere to a strict grocery budget now that I am not employed by anyone other than me.....

I will call last week a success. I stuck to the menu plan for almost all the meals and the kids seemed to like knowing what was coming up for meals that day. They even tried a couple new things and decided that they like turkey smoked sausage and my oriental slaw was a success! 

I made a menu board out of an old photo frame and hung it in the kitchen so EVERYONE knows what the meals are for the day. It seems to be working out really well. This week will be the real test as we are super, duper busy with Vacation Bible School and I have 6 tutoring clients to work with this week as well as just the normal day to day stuff with the kids! 

This past Friday, I went to the store to finish off shopping for next week.....

Here is what I bought: 

At Kroger I bought: 

3- 12 packs of caffiene free Pepsi $3 each
2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios-- $1.88 each, but I had a BOGO free coupon, so $0.94 a box- plus I will get $1 back from SavingStar, so really they were $0.44 a box.
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch--$1.88 each, but had a BOGO free coupon so $0.94 a box--plus I will get back $0.50 from SavingStar, so really they were $0.69 a box
blueberry waffles--$1
French fries--$1.79
2- 4 packs of chocolate pudding--$0.89 each
Apple juice--$1.99- Ecoupon for $0.55 off so $1.44
Kraft bbq sauce--FREE e-coupon
Bai5 Beverage--FREE e-coupon
2 baking potatoes--$1.38
bananas--$3.03 plus I will get back $0.25 from Checkout51
3 cartons raspberries--$0.99 each
3 cartons strawberries--$0.99 each
7 half gallons skim milk---$1 each (these were marked down, but sell by date wasn't until 6/15)

At Aldi's I bought: 

Bagel bites pizza snacks--$5.99
String cheese--$2.79
Cheese pizza--$2.29
4 meat pizza--$2.29
9 yogurts--$0.39 each
2 pints blueberries--$0.99 each
3 cans spaghetti rings--$0.59 each
2 jars spaghetti sauce--$0.99 each
Hamburger buns--$0.89
2 boxes granola bars--$1.79 each
BBQ potato chips--$1.49

I started out with $320.84 left for the month and I spent $36.12 at Kroger and $28.56 at Aldi, which leaves $256.16 for the month. Completely doable in my opinion.

Here is our menu plan for this week that will use some of these groceries.....

Breakfast: Yogurt, banana, granola bar
Lunch: McDonald's
Dinner: Birthday cookout for my sister

Breakfast: Cereal, fruit
Lunch: Chicken fries, baby carrots with ranch, fruit
Dinner:  Cheeseburgers and fries

Breakfast: Waffles and fruit
Lunch:  Sandwiches, chips, fruit
Dinner: Cheese and chicken quesadillas, pineapple, carrots

Breakfast: Yogurt, fruit, and granola bars
Lunch: Bagel bites pizza, fruit and baby carrots
Dinner: Fish sticks, fries, baked potato, broccoli

Breakfast: Cereal and fruit
Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit, goldfish crackers
Dinner: Hamburger helper and peas

Breakfast: Cereal and fruit
Lunch: Chicken patties and veggies
Dinner: Pizza and fruit

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit
Lunch: Leftovers or sandwiches, baby carrots/ranch, fruit
Dinner: Ham slices, ranch and bacon pasta salad and fruit salad

 There you have it. Our menu for the week! What are you fixing at your house this week?


  1. I love the menu board. And I'm so impressed that you are sticking to your plan. I budget us $200/week for gas and groceries. The problem is I normally need to buy pool supplies or something and I can't get it all out of the $200. I set myself up for failure every week. I just need to cut back and be ruthless. You are setting a wonderful example.

  2. Fabulous job! Side note: I adore Aldi. I was more excited to find out that our new town has an Aldi than I was about any other aspect of our move. :)

  3. You got a lot of groceries for your money. Love the menu board. When I was growing up we always had hamburgers on Friday night. (Kids in band and drill team, so burgers were easy and quick for Mom to prepare before we headed to games or where ever.) We loved her burgers (and still do) and it was great know what was for dinner ahead of time.

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