Sandals and summer school work

I have been on the go all morning long.....

The kids had yogurt, banana and blueberries and a doughnut this morning for breakfast in honor of National Doughnut Day. They thought it was a great treat. 

After breakfast we headed out to do some errands...first we went to the bank. Then we headed to do some grocery shopping for next week. First we headed to Aldi's. As we headed in, Rebecca told me that her sandal broke. Uh-Oh. The whole side had come undone from the bottom..... She limped through Aldi's and then we headed across the street to Payless. I had previously looked at sandals at both Wal-mart and K-mart and neither store had any that I liked or weren't cheaply made.  In fact the ones that broke, I bought a month ago at Walmart as they were the only ones that I liked. Live and learn I guess. 

Thankfully, Payless had most of their sandals on sale and in fact Rebecca found a pair that she loves that were marked on clearance for $10. They were originally $24.99. Score! She is happy and I am happy not to spend a fortune! Hopefully these last all summer. (And in other news, I had the worker measure her feet and she is measuring right at a 3, but the worker suggested we get her a 4 in kids or a 6 in women's. I told Rebecca to look at the size 4 in girls as I was not ready for her to wear a woman's shoe size.) 

After we left Payless, we headed to Kroger to get the remainder of our groceries and a McDonald's gift card. I buy the gift cards there as then I get the fuel points for the purchase. After we left Kroger, we headed to McDonald's as I had promised Rebecca I would get her McDonald's for lunch this week. Then we headed home to eat lunch, unpack groceries, and relax. 

I also had to work on some laundry and the kids had to do some schoolwork. Yes I am THAT kind of Mom that makes her kids do something educational during the days of summer. I had ordered the kids summer solutions math books and Pre-K workbooks to work on this summer so they did those. I have them do 1 lesson 3 days a week at the minimum. They also have to read for at least 15 minutes each day. After Rebecca did her math lesson, she decided to make a birthday card for her pen-pal. Benjamin even got in on the action today with his coloring books and crayons! 

I still have a lot to do today....laundry, laundry, and more laundry! And even more on my long to-do I had better get moving!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday! 


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