Softball and rain this weekend

This weekend was the end of the season softball tournament for the league that Rebecca plays in. I will say that this has been a frustrating season. She had a coach that didn't really coach and was kind of laisez faire about things. She put her daughter and the other coaches' daughters in the prime positions (aka. pitcher, in the infield, etc). Several of the girls had bad attitudes, partly because they wanted to play other positions and the coach wouldn't let them. It was a long season. 

Well this weekend was the end of season tournament. They were supposed to start play, in the double elimination tournament, at 9 am on Saturday morning. rained Friday night so they had to postpone the games from Friday and they were supposed to play them starting at 9 which meant Rebecca's game got pushed back to 10:30. Ok.

Well, Saturday morning we get up and it is pouring down rain. It is supposed to rain all day pretty much. And it was cold...think perfect weather for October, NOT for the end of June. We were told to be at the park by 10:30 as the games were only going to be about an hour delayed...yeah...right.

We get there and they decide that we are on delay until further notice.....Finally around 11:30 they decide that if it stops raining in half an hour and they can get the fields cleared we would play as scheduled. If not, then they would move everything to Sunday to a drop dead, single elimination tournament, meaning that each game would be an hour and who ever was leading at the end of the last full inning was the winner. Okay.....

Well the rain stopped for the moment and they got the fields ready. Still no idea what time the game would start. Then I happened to look on facebook and saw that they had updated the brackets and that they would be playing at 1pm and that they were doing the drop dead times THAT day, Not on Sunday like they said. No one knew what was going on and the lack of communication was crazy. 

Rebecca finally got to play at 1. Her team lost their game, meaning they then had to play again at 5pm. Because of the confusion, the rain, and the amount of people at the field there was literally no parking spaces available so Rebecca and I decided to stay at the ballpark. Bill was home with the boys and my sister was coming over to watch them so Bill could go to work. We walked over to another field and watched my brother's girlfriend play (She was playing on a 16U team). Then Rebecca and I walked to Subway to get something to eat. Then we came back for her 5pm game. That game her team won! That meant we had to be back at the ballpark at 8am on Sunday.

Today, I get up to find that it had rained again overnight, but it looked like everything was still on schedule. So we headed out to the ball field. Her coach was running late....It was cold, windy and drizzling the entire first game! But....they won. Rebecca had a couple of really hard hits too. Since they won, they had to play again at noon. We decided to just hang out in the van for the hour before she had to be back because her coach said to be back by 11:15. At 11:15, we walked back over to the field and her coach was no where to be found. Even one of the assistants seemed confused as to why she wasn't there. She finally did show up and the the game started on time. Unfortunately, Rebecca's team lost that game and was thus out of the tournament. They ended up in 4th place which is okay.

Rebecca was upset that the season was over. We have signed her up for fall ball, which starts in August, and in which she will have to move up to the 10 and under league--where the girls pitch to each other and the coaches don't pitch. Should be interesting.



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