Father's Day 2015: the day the kids played in the mud puddles

Last Sunday was Father's Day. The day began with the kids giving Bill their surveys they filled out for him and Benjamin gave Bill the painting he made (with my help!). They also gave Bill a Marvel's Agent of SHIELD t-shirt and the blu-ray of "Jurassic Park." Bill loved his gifts.

Sunday morning, I had to go to church as I was scheduled to read. I took Rebecca and Jacob with me. When we left church, we had to make a run to Aldi's as I forgot jelly and mayo when I went shopping the week before. I also picked up 4 pints of blueberries, for $0.99 a pint! My kids will eat blueberries like candy! As we were driving to Aldi's I called Bill and told him to get dressed and be ready to go when we got back home because we were taking him to lunch. The kids and I surprised him with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a very yummy Asian pulled pork sandwich with jalapenos and veggies on it. It was really yummy.

After lunch, we came home and hung out a couple hours. Then we headed out to my mom's and dad's house for a cookout. The kids gave my dad his presents---another survey and painting.

My dad and I

After dinner, the kids had a blast playing in the mud puddles that had formed on my parents property from all the rain that we had had over the last couple days. There was a lot of flooding in our area and so there were numerous very wet spots in my parent's yard. At first, we tried to persuade the kids to stay out of them, but then it was like why not? Let them be kids. Then my nephew Ethan had to take a Frisbee and dumped muddy water all over his head. My mom  got the garden hose out to clean his hair and that is when everything went crazy. She started spraying the kids and they had SO much fun! Benjamin did not like being sprayed so he tried to stay away from the water.

Overall, the kids had a blast. We had to borrow shirts from my mom for Rebecca to wear home. Thankfully, I had changes of clothes for the boys. When we got home that night, Rebecca said it was the best father's Day ever. And Bill agreed with her. It was a lot of fun, just like a Father's Day should be.


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