Vacation Bible School 2015

Last week Rebecca and Jacob participated in our church's Vacation Bible School. Our church calls it "Catholic Kidz Kamp." This year the theme was "Set Sail with the Holy Trinity featuring Saint Patrick."

The kids had a blast at camp each day. Rebecca did miss one day due to a softball game, but she went the other days. They had a lesson, craft, snack, and game each night. Jacob would say each night that he was so excited to go to Bible school. 

On Thursday, they did a small concert for the parents where they danced and sang the songs that they had learned throughout the week. It was so cute watching them dance and sing. Benjamin was even enthralled with the performance and he kept dancing along with them trying to do the moves! 

These are the types of memories that I want my kids to have. Fun summer memories that involve Vacation Bible School. We have attended our church's camp the last 3 years and each year the kids are super excited.  They are already talking about going back next year!


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