We saw 8 frogs and had lots of fun....

Wednesday I had to go in to pick up Rebecca's end of the year report card. I already knew what it was going to say as I had seen it online the day before. As it was a great report card and as we were in need of some family time, we decided to make a celebration out of it. When Bill came home from work, we headed out and got Burger King for lunch and then headed out to the Children's Garden to have a picnic lunch and to let the kids explore the gardens.

First stop every time we go there is the "Secret Garden." The kids have fun running around in the enclosed area and it gives Bill and I a chance to clean up from lunch. And yes the kids are absolutely nuts!  

After that, we explored the rest of the gardens. They have a fountain and a pond. On a good day, we usually see 1 frog and lots of tadpoles. Today, the kids were so excited because they saw 8 frogs total! 

The Children's Garden has a replica train that the kids love. Benjamin especially loves "choo-choos" so he spent the majority of the time playing on the train and the train track. He kept saying "I want choo-choo."

After we spent some time on the train, we went down the path to the pond and the boat that looks out over it. The lily pads were in bloom and were so pretty. 

Every time we go, we also take a family picture in the rose garden. There are 2 rock structures that are perfect to set the camera on a timer. 

After that we walk around and there is a tower with a spiral staircase the kids can climb on. This year was the first year that all 3 kids could climb up it and climb down with no assistance. 

 After that, Ben wanted to head back to the choo-choo before we left so of course we obliged. 

We are so blessed to have this gem in our community. The kids love it and it is so peaceful and serene and so perfect for adults. We had a lovely family afternoon and we look forward to going back again!



  1. SonyaAnn sent me. What a lovely place to have in your community! It looks like the whole family loves it.

    1. Hi Frances! Thanks for visiting. We do love the Children's Garden and try to go several times over the summer.

  2. Also following SonyaAnn's directions. You would have had to tear me away from the frogs (though I promise I wouldn't have kissed any of them) and the lilly pads.
    Love the choo choo train. And the happy faces. Of all ages.

    1. Hi and thanks for visiting! This was the first time that there were so many blooms on the lily pads. They were really gorgeous!

  3. It looks like a wonderful place to visit!!!!!!!
    And you look a lot thinner!!! Wow woman, spill. What have you been doing?

  4. What a great place. You're so lucky to have that nearby. Looks like you all had a great day. Love all the new photos in the sidebar. Nice profile photo of you and hubby. :-)


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