My job update as a private tutor

So it has been a couple of weeks since school let out and about a month and a half since we made the decision that I would not be returning to my job in the fall. We decided that I would go into business for myself as a private tutor. I was hoping that I could make it all work but afraid that I would not have any clients this summer and be a miserable failure.

Well things are going well. I have 7 elementary student clients right now for a total of 9.5 hours a week and I have 1 adult student for 2 hours a week. So right now I am working on average 11.5 hours a week. This gets tweaked some weeks when I have a client on vacation, or they have other things going on. But I am pleased with my work load for the summer. 

I am tutoring in many different subjects....right now I am working with letter recognition and writing skills for a soon to be Kindergartner, math, reading and handwriting skills with a soon to be first grader, math and Spanish with a soon to be 3rd grader, reading and phonics with a soon to be 3rd grader, reading with a soon to be fourth grader, math and reading with a soon to be fifth grader, and math and problem solving with a soon to be seventh grader. I am working with writing skills with the adult. It is a nice mix of skills that I am working with these kids with. At the same time I personalize all the sessions to each child's ability and from their level. 

It is a lot of work but after my first full week with all my clients, I felt energized and sure that this is what I should be doing at this point in my life. I just hope that I can continue the momentum.....


  1. That's fantastic news Rachel! I'm glad it's working out. You'll probably get more work via word of mouth so be prepared.


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